A Horizon Zero Dawn PlayStation 5 remake is in the works, as well as a multiplayer game – Rumor

According to online rumors, a remake for Horizon Zero Dawn is being developed for PlayStation 5 and a multiplayer game based upon the series.

As reported by MP1st This is also supported by VGCA remake of the open-world video game created by Guerilla Games is currently in development for the new generation console by Sony. It is not clear if this will be a remaster of the original game or a complete remake. However, the new version of The Sims 2 will include an improved lighting system and updated textures. Animations will also be improved. The new game will also include the many accessibility options that Horizon Forbidden West introduced, multiple display modes, and quality-of-life improvements.

Other than that, we were told that a lot of attention is being paid to bringing back the accessibility options introduced by the sequel. Different graphic modes will be available, although that is a given as most PS5 games have the performance, quality, uncapped performance to take full advantage of VRR (variable refreshing rate). There are subtle gameplay improvements that will be made, most notably the quality of life and quality-of-life improvements. It wasn’t confirmed whether or not we would see flyable mounts, or a glider, though we suppose that is unlikely given to their story related importance in the sequel.

Horizon Zero Dawn PlayStation 5 remake will not be the only entry in the series. The PS5, PC multiplayer video game is also currently in development. This project will include the tribes introduced in the series.

As it turns out, the Zero Dawn Remake/Remaster isn’t the only Horizon related project that is in the works, as we also learned from other sources (info collaborated with our original source) that a team (presumed to be Guerrilla Games) at PlayStation are currently developing a Horizon online multiplayer game for both the PS5 and PC.

Two sources confirmed that the project was indeed real. A third source suggested that it might feature some form of co-op. The customization is said to revolve around the different tribes in the Horizon franchise. However, we have not been capable of verifying that nor the details about whether the online would include any co-op or PvP.

Horizon Zero Dawn was released 5 years ago. It is evident that the game holds up well. But, this doesn’t stop Sony from making it again, following a trend which began with The Last of Us Part 1 We must be careful with what we have seen today, as the Japanese company has not yet confirmed the matter.

Horizon Zero Dawn is now on PC and PlayStation 4

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