After three years, The Gardens Between launches on Apple Arcade.

The Gardens Between+, an improved version of the 3D adventure puzzle game, was officially announced to be available on the platform. This is a fun little puzzler that subscribers to Apple Arcade can enjoy for free.

The Gardens Between features childhood friends Arina Frendt as protagonists. They fall into a variety different dreamlike gardens, each one set amongst an individual island. All of these islands have a scattering of childhood mementos from both of their younger years, and there’s a bit of mystery as to what it all means.

The Gardens Between quickly becomes an emotional tale about friendship and the importance of memories. This surmounts into a bittersweet and sombre tale that will likely tug at the ol’ heartstrings by the time the credits roll.

It is a puzzle-based game, which is evident in the way time flows in many different ways. You’ll have to manipulate this flow to your own use, using it to move objects into places that will allow you to push forward and progress. The puzzle mechanics are decently deep, but really this is a narrative-based game and you’re mostly here to see the duo interact.

Since its launch in 2019, The Gardens Between has received a lot of praise. With an engaging premise, a super deep storyline that will turn on the waterworks, and some pretty solid puzzle mechanics to top it off, there’s a lot to love. If you’re an Apple Arcade subscriber, you can download it for free at the iOS link below. You can also purchase it for $4.99!

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