Age of Frostfall guide and tips to beginners

Since Age of Frostfall is a mobile strategy game, it has various exciting features, mechanics, and other complex things. You need to be able manage these features in order to get the best possible result. This Age of Frostfall guide This will provide everything you need to know for beginners about the Age of Frostfall.


The first and foremost thing you need to know is that in Age of Frostfall, the game’s story will always remind you of the story of Game of Thrones. Dragons are an essential part of this game, just like Game of Thrones. It is possible to even grow them from eggs! How exciting!

Other than the dragons, there will also be other citizens such as walkers or villains. Although they aren’t as captivating as dragons they are still an important part of Age of Frostfall. You are expected to interact and become friends with them throughout the game.

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Nora, a young warrior, will be one of you best friends. She will always fight alongside you to save your egg from other dragons. After you have learned the basics of Age of Frostfall’s story, it is time to learn specific tips that will help you improve your gameplay experience. You can progress faster and spend your time in the game more effectively using them, so let’s start with the first piece of advice.


The raven is one of Age of Frostfall’s most valuable resources. There are many options to spend raven in Age of Frostfall. This resource is most commonly used to summon heroes and create circles.

These heroes are characters in-game that come from different cities to aid you in fighting against frozen enemies. Strong heroes are vital if you wish to survive the long winter battle. All of these heroes will need to be paid, but it is well worth it.


Most players simply ignore the quest lines. This is a common problem in Age of Frostfall as well as in other video games. But, in Age of Frostfall you can complete quests to get coins, Hero EXP banners, and other valuable resource. You will reap the best rewards the further you go.

Before you start quests, remember that you will need to spend a lot time in the game to complete them. Some challenges are not only difficult but also require skill.


Although frozen people are your enemies, they are an essential part of Age of Frostfall. Frozen will attack your dragon eggs and attack in groups, which could cause problems. Fight with them to seize control of the city.

Some frozen ones also have people under capture. These frozen people can be saved if you kill them. You will gain their loyalty and they will be able work with you to help.


Age of Frostfall gameplay

It is no secret that the Alliance system was one of the most important features added to Age of Frostfall. You should join an alliance as soon and as possible. It is difficult to join a strong alliance if you are a beginner. You can gain valuable experience and join a good union.

A guild can provide many benefits, including new friends. Alliance is the best way to meet other experienced players in Age of Frostfall. They can help you not only with money and resources but also provide valuable advice.

In Age of Frostfall, there are many perks and events related to alliances. The gameplay will be more exciting if you join an active alliance. To find the best alliance, make sure you head to Discord or other social media channels.


If you’ve never played Age of Frostfall before you should know that upgrading can be a crucial part of the game. You can improve almost everything in Age of Frostfall. You should regularly upgrade troops, heroes, buildings, etc.

You might run out of resources when you’re at the beginning stages of the game. Try to only upgrade the necessary items that will give you more power. This will help you level up faster and consume less resources.


To conclude, there are a lot of aspects of Age of Frostfall that you need to know, and it might be pretty challenging at the beginning. Keep at it and you will eventually master everything. You can also take a look at our list with the best strategy games on iOS.

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