Airship Knights is a new fantasy idle RPG that can be pre-registered for Android

Korean SuperPlanet announced today that they’ve opened pre-registration for their upcoming mobile idle RPG Airship Knights. This will take you on an adventure in a fantasy world aboard an airship. You’ll collect heroic units and upgrade them to face various sky monsters.

This idler is similar to Tap Titans In the view that your time will be spent primarily looking at your airship’s helm as your heroes fight against giant serpents, wind spirits and giant rock golems is a great way to spend your time.

Airship Knights stands out from many idle games by focusing on the story. As you progress through the game and unlock more units as well as make progress within the main quest, you’ll eventually begin unlocking story cutscenes that take place using the various characters you’ve unlocked.

Plot details are pretty light right now, but we do know that Airship Knights doesn’t take itself too seriously, and instead has quite a light-hearted charm to it that makes it feel like a fairytale world rather than a grimdark edgy fantasy world. The characters are displayed in a chibi-style style and the emotions on their faces are similar.

Combine this with a story that’s really just focused on the adventure and voyage of your airship and it makes for a pretty fun little romp through a world that’s fully realized in a 2D pixel style of art with the backgrounds. The game mechanics are fairly self explanatory in that you’ll mostly be progressing as the game idles in the background, but there are a fair number of heroes you can unlock that will utilize their combat abilities in different ways to battle off the monsters intent on demolishing your airship.

Overall, this is a pretty standard idle game. However, it’s still interesting and could be some good entertainment if you like the genre. If you’d like to pre-register ahead of the launch that’s planned fairly soon, you can do so at the link below!

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