Apex Legends Mobile tier list – All Legends ranked

Last updated onSeptember 20, 2022: Re-checked Tier List

Apex Legends Mobile just launched globally. If you’ve just downloaded it and are curious about which Legends are the most powerful, this is the right place. This post will share the Apex Legends Mobile tier listing, where we have ranked every Legend available from worst to best.

What is Apex Legends?

Apex Legends Mobile is an action-packed battle royale in which twenty teams of three players take to the field and try to be the last one standing. This battle royale has been downloaded millions upon millions worldwide. You can now download it from Google Play Or the App Store.

Apex Legends Mobile offers multiple modes such as Multiplayer and Battle Royale. For this tier list, we will focus on the Battle Royale mode, as it is the most popular and main mode.

How many characters can you find in Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends mobile currently has 15 Legends available – Bloodhound. Gibraltar. Lifeline. Pathfinder. Wraith. Bangalore. Mirage. Octane. Octane. Octane. Octane. Octane. Octane. Octane. Octane. Loba. Wattson. Crypto. Rhapsody. Revenant. Every two months, a new Legend will be added to Apex Legends Mobile.

All of these Legends can be obtained for free. Fade, the newest Legend, can be obtained completely free of charge. If you don’t know how to unlock him, our Apex Legends Mobile Fade guide can help.

Apex Legends Mobile tier list

We have divided our Apex Legends mobile tier list into four levels – S, A and B, respectively. Legends in the S Tier are the best and should be chosen, while heroes in tier C should be avoided.

Future updates will include more Legends and balance changes that will make some heroes better than others. But don’t worry. This post will be updated regularly to ensure that the tier list is accurate.

Original article by Sumant Mence, updated by Pocket Gamer Staff

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