Archero Promo Codes for Free Coins and Gems (October 2022).

Updated on: October 10, 2022. Checked for updated codes

Are you curious to find out the latest in technology? Archero promo codes are? You need to look no further because this is your one stop shop for all things Archero including the promo codes! 

These codes are great for new players. You’ll also find the Gems and Coins useful. You’re the one who is responsible for your game. One archer will rule them all (or, kind of) 

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So, what are all the active promo code? Let’s dive in and find out!

Current Archero promo codes 

These codes have an expiration date so make sure you claim them as soon as possible.

  • MoonFestival 
  • 811survivorio 

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Expired promo codes

  • Happy Anniversary
  • mothersday22 
  • archerogift
  • archero
  • archero1
  • archerhi
  • 22SPRING20
  • chris2021archero
  • Thx2021Giv1ng
  • QuickRaid
  • lovearchero
  • HTOT
  • 2021
  • goodarcher
  • 2021222
  • archeroduo
  • archerofun
  • archerogo
  • archerowin
  • Image
  • santahero

How to redeem Archero promo codes?

Follow these steps to redeem your promo codes. 

  • Step 1: Find your gameID in the Settings menu in-game. The ID is composed of numbers. Copy it or write it down.
  • Step 2: Open the Archero Rewards Page In your browser
  • Step 3: Copy the ID that you copied in Step 1 and enter a valid Archero promo Code.
  • Step 4: Click the Redeem button

That’s it! If your promo code is valid, you will receive your rewards immediately. 

Where can I find additional codes for Archero

You can visit the game’s website to keep up with any new codes, news or updates. official Facebook pageYou can either bookmark this page and return frequently, This article is updated weekly. We will notify you when a new promo code is available. For similar content take a look at the Mirage Perfect Skyline codes, Puzzles & Survival codes and hundreds of others. You can search for the name of the game that you are interested in and it will be displayed.
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