Art of Conquest 2 review – Summon warriors to restore order to Aeonis

Famous game developer company, Lilith Games The announcement was made recently by Early access launch Of Art of Conquest 2 Only in select countries This is the same studio that made Farlight 84. Warpath. Tales of the Mirror.You can find many more. Art of Conquest 2 is available. role-playing Strategic It continues to carry the legacy of Art of Conquest. This article will review Art of Conquest 2 as well as share our initial impressions of it.

Command over 30 races in the fantasy world Aeonis

Start with the Art of Conquest 2. ReviewThe game’s base is in a named location Aeonis. People who have played the original Art of Conquest previously won’t get thrilled by the major things of the games. There are some new features that are quite different from the original and are expected to be spectacular. After the tutorial ends, players can choose which land they want to start their adventure.

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Different regions have different climates, and therefore offer different pros and cons. Some regions are locked in the first stage. The game will make a recommendation to the player regarding the selection of the starting region.

After selecting a region, players can choose which character they want to play. All characters come from different races. The type of fight the character excels at will determine how they attack and what ranges they can use.

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Players must complete a few tasks in the beginning stages. Quests. A chapter is complete when you have completed all the quests. Completing the quests will reward you with a small gift. You can also earn rewards by completing the chapters. They really got the “It’s rewarding every step of the way” there. All quests ensure that the player gets only the most essential items to enable them to jump into the world when they are done.

Explore the vase map to wage war on ancient battlefields

Players can view the entire kingdom from outside the map, if they leave the base creation. There are many buildings and villages. You can build different structures in the area. To do this, players must think about the strategic purpose and the function of the structure. There are many kingdoms that the player can become allies with. The map is vast. The world is huge.

formation and troops
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Art of Conquest 2, gives you full control over the battle and allows you to make realistic moves. You can create your own squad by assigning your preferred characters. There are many options for forming a formation that will determine where and how the soldiers will stand.

The player must upgrade his own troops to ensure victory in battle. For victory, morale is essential.

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Another interesting aspect is the building of buildings, upgrading them and ensuring a flow of other commodities. All aspects of this game count towards the progress and are required to build or upgrade new infrastructures.

The graphics are good and the sound is poor.

Technically speaking, the settings option offers ample opportunities to adjust the graphics system. You can modify the graphics as you wish. There is a “Very high” mode for showcasing every minute detail in high resolution. There is a “medium mode” as well to act as a battery saver as well providing you with decent graphics.

Build your Fief
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If stability is important to the player, there are options. Lock FPS at 30. The highest FPS can be set to 60 if the player wishes to play the game smoothly. Although it is strongly suggested to not run high resolution, 60 FPS in low or mid-tier devices as the game won’t reach 60FPS at all.

Because the game has many assets that must be loaded in during gameplay, it is essential to have a high end device to play the game at a good resolution without any frame drops. The audio quality of the game is average. Ambience and battle sounds are clear, so there is not much to be excited about.

Final Thoughts

The game has a special appeal for strategy-style fans, despite all its ups and downs. Lilith Games really demonstrates the valor and strength of the kings from Aeonis. People who have played the original Art of Conquest may be able to obtain its successor.

The game is currently available in early access in selected countries. It will soon be released globally. Interested players can join the game’s official facebook page Or, you can check the official website Stay up-to date as Art of Conquest 2 prepares to launch globally

Gameplay mechanics – 7

Game Progression – 6

Graphics and music – 8

Controls and UI – 7

7 Free-to-Play Elements



Lilith Games has produced Art of Conquest 2, a decent game. It pays tribute to its predecessor and, despite all the ups & downs, the game still holds a special value for strategy-style lovers.

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