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Gord Gameplay Trailer – 16 minutes of commentary from the Development Team

Strategy games; they come in many kinds and themes, like XCOM 2 or Sid Meier’s Civilization series. Today’s topic is no different, though, as Team17 and unveiled Gord, an upcoming single-player dark fantasy game. The team also provided 16 minutes of gameplay on their YouTube channel, which we’ll break down now. Narrated by Stan […]

Millistar Raiders, an idle role-playing game where players battle to overthrow Devildom, is now available for Android and iOS

SuperPlanet just launched Millistar Raiders, an idle RPG for casual gamers. It is a casual game that allows casual gamers to enjoy cute graphics and a casual setting. This game is unique because the villages eventually become heroes. Millistar Raiders is a game where players assume the role of a captain. He must collect 13 […]

Star Citizen Officially Exceeds $500 Million in Crowdfunding With Release Nowhere In Sight

Star Citizen has been the most successful crowdfunded game ever, winning the Guinness World Record back in 2014. The game has come so far since then. Cloud Imperium Games maintains the Star Citizen crowdfunding counter. ticked past the $500 million mark. Yes, Star Citizen has raised over a half-billion dollars. Of course, there’s always the […]

Kerbal Area Program 2 Launches in Early Entry on February 24, 2023

Kerbal Area Program’s unique public builds have been launched in June 2011 and acquired updates till its full launch in 2015. Between its first public construct and full launch, the title had develop into one of many gaming business’s most well-known and beloved video games. Earlier at present, although, there’s been an replace on Kerbal’s […]

Sherlock Holmes The Awakened Trailer Features Mentions Of The Ukrainian Studio’s Hardships

Frogwares, a Ukrainian developer shared a new trailer for Sherlock Holmes The Awakened. It is the remake of their 2007 title. The trailer also included an update on studio’s recent hardships following the Russian invasion in Ukraine. Sergiy Oganesyan (Head of Publishing at Frogwares) stated: The team has been suffering mentally from the recent missile […]

According to an Early DF Report, RTX4090 is up to 2.5x faster than 3090Ti for Cyberpunk 2077

Digital Foundry appears to be one of the first to get the GeForce RTX4090 graphic card (based on Ada Lovelace architecture). A teaser trailer has been published by the crew. on YouTubeThey explained that they have had the graphics card for some time. The video also gives us an early third-party estimate of the performance […]

Star Ocean: The Divine Force Demo Hands on Preview – Fly Me To An Underdeveloped Planet

Star Ocean has been in existence since 1996. However, it has experienced a decline following the release Star Ocean: The Last Hope. This JRPG was acceptable but not up to the standards of its predecessors. Star Ocean: Integrity, Faithlessness, which is without doubt the worst entry in this series, has also been released. Despite these […]

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is celebrating Halloween with new familiars, occasions, and rewards

Halloween celebrations are in full swing as we close to October thirty first. Netmarble enters the fray because it has simply launched the primary Halloween episode in its cellular MMORPG Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds. Gamers can look forward to finding quite a few spooky-themed Fame Quests to finish and scary dungeons to discover. The […]