Automatoys Review – “Tactile Fun from Days Long Past”

It’s almost impossible to find a toy to play with when the internet is down or the power goes out. Automatoys will give you the rare opportunity to go back in time to tactile fun, clicking and clacking included, when tabletop toys were all that was available back then.

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Automatoys looks and feels like a toy made from cheap plastic. Automatoys’ graphics capture the essence and simplicity of these complex mechanisms, and you just need to tap the screen to get the ball rolling.

Each level and machine has a single goal, to get your ball from Point A or B. However, all obstacles along the way have been designed so carefully that you’ll need to pay close attention every lever, screw, pinball flipper, and rotating circle. You will find a lot of mechanisms to experiment with and learn as you go.

In this sense, the visuals feel so real that you can’t help but feel like you’re playing with a toy rather than pixels on a screen.


The actual mechanisms will be described below. The first three levels will have simpler what-have yous. To unlock the rest of the game, $2.99 or the equivalent in your area is required. There are only 12 levels, each offering something new and exciting that will stimulate your brain cells.

Tapping on the screen will help you navigate through intricate pathways. You might find it frustrating to solve the puzzles. One wrong move could send you spiralling into the abyss and you will have to start over. These can either make it difficult to keep going or cause you to lose your way.


The tactile experience is truly the star of this show. I found myself tilting the phone and reaching up to turn the thing around, just like I would with a toy. This immersion is what makes the game shine. I wish you could move the angle around to see where your ball is going.

The first level is free and you can easily decide if it’s right for you. You can also enjoy a relaxing, physics-based puzzle that serenades with a soothing soundtrack (which you can listen too on the sidebar). SpotifyAutomatoys may be a good option if you are looking for a nostalgic time-waster.

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