Boom Mania allows users to experience Bomberman-like vibes in randomly created levels. It is now available on mobile

Czech Games Edition officially launched Boom Mania – an 80s-inspired retro-inspired arcade-style game. The arcade title can be downloaded on both Android and iOS. It includes pixel-art graphics. These elements combine vibes of Bomberman and The Legend of Zelda.

Boom Mania will allow players to bomb their way through procedurally created levels using touchscreen-optimized controls. Boss fights will test your bombing skills.

Bomberman and other arcade classics were always my favorites. I have yet find a good mobile reimplementation of this type game that I remember from my childhood. I had Boom Mania in my mind for over a decade, and one afternoon Dávid and I decided to bring it to life,” says CGE co-founder Daniel Musil. This was a passion project of his with graphic designer Dávid Jablonovský.

Boom Mania can also be downloaded online if you wish to join in the fun and play the game. iOS App Store The Google Play Store for Android devices. The premium title costs $4.99 or the equivalent in your local area. The game is currently on sale for $2.99, and players can grab it until September 20th.

You can also visit official website Join the official community of followers for more information Twitter You can keep up-to date with all developments by visiting the page or taking a look at the embedded clip above to get an idea of the process.

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