Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown to Have Less Cars than Forza, but They’ll All Feel Unique

When Test Drive Unlimited first launched back in 2006, open-world racing games were a relatively uncommon thing, but that’s obviously no longer the case with franchises like Forza Horizon on the scene. How will the upcoming Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown stand out from a crowded field? A new interview is now available Test Drive […]

First Uncharted Legacy of Thieves PC Update 1.1 Improves Performance & Stability, Improves Movement Blur Visibility, Updates HDR Option.

Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection PC update 1.1.1 has been installed. This improves stability and performance. The very first PC patch is available for download now (and should download automatically if this option has been enabled in your client, and we’ve got you covered with the release notes. Apart from the stability and general performance […]

Dying Light 2 will get Mod Tools; Techland is Looking for Other Ways to Deliver Mods To Consoles, Too

Yesterday evening, Techland posted a community Q&A with Dying Light 2 lead Tymon Smektała on their official Discord channel. There are many interesting tidbits about the game’s future upgrades and additions. This includes confirmation that mod tools are on the way for PC. Techland is also looking into delivering mods to console platforms. We are […]

Spider-Man: Miles Morales PC Trailer Provides Spectacular Visuals, Fall 2022 Launch Confirmed

Earlier this summer season PC gamers bought to get their arms on Marvel’s Spider-Man, however the webslinging motion doesn’t finish there. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales can also be making the leap to PC, and Sony and Insomniac have offered a primary peek on the sport operating on the brand new platform. Clearly, Miles Morales was […]

NVIDIA provides details about GeForce RTX4090 Performance Figures, and New Features

NVIDIA shared first concrete performance numbers for the GeForceRTX 4090 GPU in a behind-closed door presentation with the media. due to launch on October 12th. While the public presentation was vague and used only vague reference points, actual FPS numbers were found in this slide. These numbers were based upon 4K resolution tests with DLSSSuper […]

DLSS 3 Games will also offer DLSS 2 + Reflex to Previous RTX Series, NVIDIA Confirms

NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Super Sampling Technology (DLSS) 3 was the most notable announcement made yesterday as part the GeForce Beyond broadcast. The GeForce RTX4000 series GPUs offer optical flow accelerator, a hardware feature called optical flow acceleration. NVIDIA states that this feeds pixel movement data from subsequent frames to DLSS 3 Frame Generation neural networks, […]

Microsoft Flight Simulator Update 10, Adds DLSS, Improves DirectX 12 support, and More

Asobo Studio has released Microsoft Flight Simulator Update 10 following a delay. The patch promises to make a number of improvements to DirectX 12 compatibility, adds DLSS support,  a new cloud layer system, and more. Check out the updated features in update 10 (ver. below. below. DX12 has received numerous improvements to stability, performance, […]

Cyberpunk 2077: EdgeRunners Help Players Recover; CDPR Thanks Players in Statement

Cyberpunk 2077’s seen a player resurgence as of late. Netflix recently released a Netflix movie. the Studio Trigger-animated Cyberpunk EdgerunnersThe streaming service aired ten episodes of the series. As of this past weekend, the game saw numbers far higher than it was used to, rivaling January 2021’s player counts. The number of jumps were also […]

Alpine Surfer is Now Playable in MAME. This is a win for game preservation

Arcade game preservation can be a difficult task as old arcade machines eventually fail and stop working. MAME also has a hand in this since players can emulate arcade games they can’t easily access. Some specific board systems’ entire libraries can be emulated, like Capcom’s various CPS board systems. Meanwhile, Namco’s System 22 board has […]

WoW Dragonflight Gamers Are Raving About The Enlargement’s New Dragonriding Function

World of Warcraft Dragonflight, the MMORPG’s newest enlargement, is out now and gamers seem like wildly keen about one explicit new function – Dragonriding. Dragonriding is a brand new type of aerial motion which permits gamers to discover the Dragon Isles. Not solely can gamers use the dragons as transportation, however the brand new function […]

Dying Light 2 – Stay Human Celebrates Halloween With the Biggest In-Game Event Ever Since Launch

Dying Light 2: Stay Human’s been out for some time now. The game has been updated several times during its post-shelf existence. This includes DLC updates, such as Bloody Ties’ story expansion, which will be available in a few weeks. Anyways, It’s October, and Techland has a new Halloween event available to players today through […]