Call of Duty Warzone 2 Launch Beats Warzone II and Modern Warfare II Network Traffic At Virgin Media; Busiest day on Record

Virgin Media, a British telecommunications company, has seen more network traffic since the launch of Call of Duty Warzone 2.0. As reported Tom Henderson of Insider-Gaming. A press release was sent by the company to the outlet. It stated that Warzone 2.0’s launch beat Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II’s launch traffic and that it […]

Call of Duty Warzone 2 PlayStation Comparison Highlights Vastly Faster Loading on PS5 Alongside  Better reflections, Textures, Shadows, and More

A Call of Duty Warzone 2 PlayStation comparison video was released. It compares the new Warzone on different PlayStation consoles to one another. The next Warzone entry is available now and YouTube channel. ‘ElAnalistaDeBits’ put the free-to-play Battle Royale to the test on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 4 Pro. How does the visual […]

Bayonetta 3’s Jennifer Hale Responds to Hellena Taylor, Urges an “Open Thoughts” Concerning the Recreation

Over the weekend the upcoming Bayonetta 3 made some massive headlines, however not in the best way Nintendo or developer Platinum Video games have been seemingly hoping. Unique Bayonetta voice actress Hellena Taylor posted a collection of movies through which she claimed she was solely provided $4000 to do Bayonetta 3, a sum she deemed […]

Apex Legends May Add Cut Titanfall Character Jester “Very Shortly” After Season 15

Just minutes ago EA and Respawn officially confirmed the details of Apex Legends Season 15, entitled “Eclipse,” which will feature the long-rumored terraforming character Catalyst, but forget about that! Now that we know the next Legend it’s time to cast our vision toward who might come next. According to a long-time leaker Thordan Smash, “very […]

DLSS vs FSR vs XeSS upscaling comparison in Tellusim Engine shows FSR being most stable

NVIDIA DLSS has been updated to version 3.0. It includes the unique Frame generation component. AMD FSR was also updated to version 2.1 last week. The new Intel XeSS has also been launched. A new direct comparison between all three technologies for upscaling has been released by Tellusim TechnologiesMaker of the Tellusim Engine (and other […]

BioShock Movie Features Ken Levine in Some Capacity. Director explains What Makes the IP Unique

Take-Two Interactive, Netflix and Netflix confirmed earlier rumors about a BioShock movie adaption being produced by Vertigo entertainment. Francis Lawrence (Constantine and I Am Legend, Hunger Games Sparrow and Slumberland), was officially chosen as the film’s director in late August. Speaking to Collider Lawrence spoke extensively about BioShock in a interview he did during the […]

God of Warfare Ragnarok Launch Beats Name of Responsibility, Elden Ring and Pokémon within the UK; 82% of Boxed Gross sales Have been on PS5

God of Warfare Ragnarok is off to an excellent begin within the UK with the sequel’s launch beating that of Name of Responsibility, Elden Ring, and Pokémon Legends: Arceus within the UK. This information comes from GamesIndustry’s Christopher Dring, who writes that Sony Santa Monica’s hit title managed to promote extra bodily copies in its […]

GTA Leaker: AAA Studios Should Have Mid-Gen PS5/XSX Upgrading Plans in Place Quickly

Mid-Gen console upgrades became a thing when the PlayStation 4 Pro was released and the Xbox One X. These consoles offered 4K support, but with some limitations. The PS4 Pro games, for example, used checkerboard rendering or rendered games at 1440p before scaling. X and PlayStation 5 was less clear.|X generation, though, the feasibility of […]

Overwatch 2 Attracts 25 million Despite Issues, Balance changes Not Coming Until Season 2

Overwatch 2 launched earlier this month, and needless to say it’s been a bit of a rocky road, with log-in issues, controversy over phone number requirements, and DDoS attacks raining on Blizzard’s parade. And all that’s not even getting into mixed fan reactions to changes to Overwatch’s core gameplay. Despite all this, Overwatch 2 multiplayer’s […]

Marvel’s Midnight Suns Campaign 45+ Missions Long, 80 Hours not Enough to do Everything

Marvel’s Midnight Suns launches in less than two months, and yet, a lot of folks still have some questions about the game. Firaxis has launched a new series of developer livestreams You’ll find more gameplay and information about the new XCOM-style tactical role-playing game. Below is the first one, which features new gameplay that includes […]

Bayonetta 3 Trailer Shows Off Its Multiverse-Spanning Story. There are also Alternate Bayonettas aplenty.

Nintendo has been hinting about it for a while. However, their Bayonetta 3 trailer revealed that the game is indeed a multiverse-spanning epic with multiple Bayonettas from all over the world. We also get a sneak peek at gameplay and a surprising side mission for fan-favorite Jeanne. You can check out the trailer for yourself […]

Scorn Won’t be the First Game to Support PC DirectStorage After All Say Devs

Microsoft released the DirectStorageAPI for PC earlier in the year. This API will allow developers to stream more efficiently using SSDs and lower CPU overhead. Unfortunately, the technology has not been used by any games yet. Scorn, a PC-exclusive horror game, was recently confirmed by the developers via Twitter that DirectStorage would be available on […]