Dying Light 2 – Stay Human Celebrates Halloween With the Biggest In-Game Event Ever Since Launch

Dying Light 2: Stay Human’s been out for some time now. The game has been updated several times during its post-shelf existence. This includes DLC updates, such as Bloody Ties’ story expansion, which will be available in a few weeks. Anyways, It’s October, and Techland has a new Halloween event available to players today through […]

Logitech G cloud is a new streaming deck-like, supports Xbox Game Pass, GeForce Now and more

Recently, we’ve seen the rise of both gaming portables and cloud gaming services, and the new Logitech G Cloud looks to combine them both. The new portable, which was created in partnership with Logitech, Tencent and Chinese mega publisher, offers a SteamDeck-like form factor but focuses exclusively on streaming, instead of running natively. As such, […]

PlayStation VR 2’s Latest Trailer Highlights the Headset’s Key Features

Sony revealed the latest iteration for its PlayStation VR headset a while back. We have received information about the new headset including its specs, release date, and other details. Today Sony released a trailer that showcases some features of the headset. PlayStation VR 2A closer view of the features. The trailer is available below. The […]

Bloodborne PC Port / Remaster Can Be Carried out at Any Time With out From Software program’s Assist; Japan Studio Had a Working PC Construct

A Bloodborne PC port and PlayStation 5 remaster have but to occur, and it isn’t technical causes which are stopping Sony from releasing them. Talking on Twitter, Lance McDonald, who developed the unofficial 60 FPS patch for the sport, acknowledged that there are not any technical boundaries between Bloodborne and a PC port, PlayStation 5 […]

Portal With RTX – Video Highlights Massive Visual Improvements

Portal with RTX seems to be a huge improvement over the original, judging by a new comparison video shared online. The new comparison was created by ElAnalistaDeBits, which shows the trailer and footage of the original release side-by-side, highlights how big a difference textures, models and ray tracing can make. Yesterday’s GTC 2022 NVIDIA keynote […]

In 18 minutes of gameplay, Zenless Zone Zero shows off its city, combat, and a boss fight

HoYoverse, Genshin Impact developers, announced Zenless Zone Zero, their upcoming action-RPG. This game trades in fantasy for science-fi. Although earlier trailers showed plenty of action and the colorful characters in anime-style, gameplay details were not clear. This weekend, HoYoverse released almost 20 minutes of Zenless Zone Zero gameplay footage. It showcases a complete mission. The […]