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Updated: August 3, 2022. Adjusted to reflect current season

Our detailed list of the best products will help you make an informed decision. Mobile is the best gun in Call of Duty. This list contains all the major gun categories. We have highlighted some of the best options in each.

You must be aware of major changes in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4. This included several modifications to guns and equipment.

You might feel that guns that were great before are no longer effective or that their stats have changed.

What are the available guns in Call of Duty:Mobile?

Weapons are sorted into several categories, as in most FPS games. We’ll go over each one and highlight the best guns for the battlefield.

Which guns are the best in each category?

How to Choose CoD Mobile’s top guns Because each weapon works differently, the playstyle and skills of the player will determine how they perform on the battlefield. We encourage you to determine your preferred playstyle before selecting a weapon. But don’t worry, we have a general list of weapons from each category regardless of playstyle, which you can choose to carry into the heat of battle.

Best Assault Rifle for CoD Mobile – AK-47

It is safe for us to say that Kilo 141 currently is the Best automatic assault rifle. The Kilo 141 is a balanced weapon. The rifle does decent damage and has a good rate to fire. It also has easy recoil. The gun’s main feature is its ability to accept a wide range of loadouts. Everyone will be able adapt Kilo to fit their play style.

Alternative – LK-24

The AK-47 can be replaced by it, as it has higher damage and lower recoil. It is recommended for players with average aim skill. It can be used with almost any attachment.

Best Sniper Rifle – Locus

The Locus bolt-action rifle, which was released in Season 2, has been praised for its accuracy and one-shot kill rate. Yes, the gun’s damage is unbelievable if the target is shot at the head, torso and chest.

Locus users need to improve their accuracy, as the gun has no damage area. You must be very accurate in your aim if you want to inflict serious damage on the enemy. Otherwise, you might miss the target and alert others.

Alternative – MK2 Carbine

Locus is considered the best alternative. It is easy to use and requires average precision to defeat the enemy, as the bullets are very damaging. The only downside to this gun is its accessibility.

Best Light Machine Guns – RPD

The only LMG with unmatched firing power without additional equipment. The RPD was introduced in Season 1, and the abilities and stats have remained unchanged since then.


RPD’s ammunition is one of its best features. There are plenty of it around the maps so you’ll never run out. This gun can also hold 100 bullets so you can dominate any battlefield with it.

Alternative – QQ9

It can be used as a quick replacement gun, but only for a brief period. The QQ9’s fast reloading and fire rate are what make it a decent gun.

The Best Sub-Machine Guns In CoD Mobile – PPsh 41

Although the size of a large magazine may make it seem more like an SMG than an LMG, it will still be very mobile. It was just introduced in S1 and you’ll immediately notice that it can be used in a hip-fire mode at shorter distances. COD Mobile PPsh-41 gun showcase

This weapon has a large magazine drum and a remarkable rate of horizontal recoil at no additional cost. Mods are possible, but it can take some time to get used. Another problem is that it takes some time to reload the huge magazine. This is currently the best gun in CoD Mobile.

Alternative – Fennec

Although the stability of the gun was lowered a few months ago, it still works well to provide support. You can further increase the damage by using certain attachments.

Best Shotgun – Echo

Because of the high recoil and smaller bullets, I’m not a fan shotguns. After we discuss its capabilities, you might consider this one. Due to its self-reloading capabilities and high damage output in very close combat, the Echo is one of Call of Duty Mobile’s best shotguns. CODM Echo

Multiple attachments can be used to reduce the recoil. The gun can be used to guarantee a kill in one shot if it is aimed at the head. It will also eat up more than half the HP if it is catching the target somewhere else. If the situation is 1v1, the Echo can be used to score a kill. These stats make it one of the best guns in CoD Mobile. 

Alternative – KRM-262

The KRM-262 was introduced in Season 3. It is praised for its explosive damage and can be used as a main weapon, if you have good close combat skills. It is also the only shotgun capable of long-range combat.

That’s all for the lists of CoD: Mobile’s best guns to use at the moment. As we are all aware of the changing meta in-game,  keep visiting us as we keep the list up to date with new gun listings.

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Original article by Suchit Mhanty, updated and revised by Pocket Gamer staff. 

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