Cross Summoner R-tier List – The best characters that you can pick, and some to avoid



The Cross Summoner R-tier characters are the best. They have a lot more health than normal and are strong enough to withstand heavy damage before they die. They also have incredible skills that allow them heal themselves or do a lot of damage. Always try to keep at most one S-class character alive within your team.

  • Alwin
  • Asuka
  • Bormea
  • Luschut
  • Sassafras
  • Rubiera


We would like to highlight Asuka, out of all the characters on this list.

It is difficult to describe her contributions as a character and strong unit. Asuka is an expert in direct damage and damage-over time effects. She can handle anything solo or with large groups of enemies. Asuka is a universal DPS character and deals severe damage.

It is important to note that Asuka can not only attack but can also weaken her enemies, so that her teammates can do more damage. This is the exact opposite from DPS characters.

Asuka is the best Cross SummonerR.


This is a great character who specializes in solo-targeting. The character’s attacks have a fast and powerful speed. Her ability recharges quickly making her an excellent choice for your team. She can do this for the entire fight. Because she relies on auto attacks, other characters in her team will be able increase her damage.



They are all strong and tough characters for A-tier, but lack the power to reach the same level with the S-list. They are just as cool as the ones on the list. These are not to be ignored simply because they are on a lower list.

  • Arik
  • Brazos
  • Irina
  • Mira
  • Rabad
  • Reid
  • Rill
  • Rorche
  • Saizou
  • Scherzo
  • Sharifah


Arik is precise and accurate, and does good damage to enemies. She is willing to destroy and tear down enemies in large numbers.

The main problem with the character is her inability to fight solo. She needs support. In such a situation, she will be able to reveal her true power.

Her damage, which can stun for a few seconds, is one of her strengths. This nuke is not easy to use.


Rabad is an excellent tank to have in your squad if you want win. His powerful CC and self buffs, which allow him to disable the enemy and increase his resistance, are what make Rabad so special.

The guardian can stun one enemy or multiple enemies at once. He can also apply area buffs that slow down the enemy’s movement around the map and render their attacks ineffective.



Nearly every starting lineup starts with characters from this list. This means that they will initially seem cool and strong to you. But then, your enthusiasm will fade as guardians from this listing cannot be considered strong once you reach the end of the game. These characters are great to have, but they won’t be able to handle more comfortable play.

  • Jack
  • Johann
  • Karen
  • Lamia
  • Luna
  • Matoi
  • Rasheed
  • Ruzha
  • Verginita
  • Victor
  • Yuugiri
  • Jack

Jack’s amazing healing abilities are unmistakable. His amazing healing abilities, which allow him to restore the HP of the entire team while on the field, are a tremendous asset. But that’s not all this hero can offer. He grants buffs and increases an ally’s ATK. He also has a passive ability that grants him a critical healing, which allows him to place a shield around his target. This effect is active almost every time, as the hero heals.


This is a good support character that deals only limited AoE damage. She can stop an enemy unit and make them harmless for 6 seconds. This means that they won’t be able do any damage.

Although it will be difficult for her to fight alone, a strong group of guardians can give you the upper hand with her powerful CC. She is also capable of easily killing smaller enemies using her abilities.



Avoid characters at the bottom of Cross Summoner R Tier list. They are weak and don’t bring any benefit. They will only take up space in your group.

  • Eris
  • Fortis
  • Mooc
  • Leicester
  • Lyrica
  • Momohime


This may sound strange, but you will want to get rid this character from your team as soon possible. Although he is the main protagonist, he is not useful during combat. He does not deal any damage, heals your team, or is even a tank.

Do not waste your time on him.


Every guardian is unique and has its advantages and drawbacks. It is important to remember, however, that any character will perform best if they are part a group that has great potential for maximizing their performance.

We hope you found this Cross Summoner R Tier List helpful. Now you can decide which character should be levelled up and which one to add to your character wishlist. Similar articles can be found at the Guardian Tales Tier List, Gunfire Reborn Tier List, and Infinite Magic Raid Tier List. We have ranked all characters, from the most useful to the most burdensome.

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