Darkest Dungeon tier List – The top character classes ranked

Updated onSeptember 20, 2022: Re-checked Tier List

Darkest Dungeon is all about putting together the best team. However, it is important to know which characters are the best. If you’re a veteran player, you will already have a list of the top tiers based on your gaming experience. However, if you’re a novice player, this knowledge won’t be as useful. This is where we come in. We are here to help. Darkest Dungeon tier listYou’ll find all the information you need about the characters and their strengths and weaknesses as we rank them according to their overall performance.

Darkest Dungeon tier list

First, Darkest Dungeon has no useless characters. Each unit can be used in the right conditions. They are all comparable in terms of power, so the ranking process is subjective. It doesn’t mean that your favourite heroes aren’t ranked higher than you would expect. Some characters are more useful in certain dungeons. Again, this tier list does not guarantee that you will be able to use any character. 

However, we tried to rank all adventurers based not only on our personal experience but also by taking into consideration all data we have gathered through multiple sources online.

Now let’s move on to our Darkest Dungeon Tier List!

Original article by Mihail Kasoris, updated and revised by Pocket Gamer Staff

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