Dev Confirms That Deathloop And Dishonored Are Both Set in the Same Universe

Deathloop takes place in the same universe that Dishonored. Or at least in one of its possible futures. Many fans assumed this because of the many easter eggs scattered throughout the game. it has now been made official.

Harvey Smith (from Arkane Texas, he worked on Dishonored, Prey, and the upcoming Redfall) first reported the news. in the latest episode of Major Nelson’s Xbox podcast.

Bakaba confirmed that Deathloop had been envisioned as one possible future of the Dishonored universe in the wake of the events of Death of the Outsider (the 2017 final installment in the franchise).

It was fun because it was nice to have an arcade game that was about disposal. Yes, there’s a story you’re following, but there are many small puzzles and mysteries around you. We have many systems to ensure that everyone doesn’t see the same thing. It is possible that not everyone has heard the same song you heard somewhere else. Not everyone has seen every room. It was great to see the community take a look at the clues we left. Yes, Deathloop was indeed what we imagined happening after Death of the Outsider. It’s something we didn’t want too much to say about because that would have made Deathloop a story with its own characters, time period, and its own story. That was what we wanted, but there were many things we wanted to say. The Outsider is no longer in function after Death of the Outsider. We have always wondered what would happen after that.

As we were making Deathloop we thought, “hey, that could also be one of those things that could happen after that.” We have a timeline to link it. There are many clues in the game. There are many small clues, some of which were not obvious to everyone, but people are still finding them. The heritage rifle is a shotgun that can switch between scattershot, slugs, etc. My favorite part about this is the fact that it’s called. It’s been assumed that the shotgun is from the imperial armories. However, the logo can be seen on the side.
see. Now that we have added idle breaks, where the character plays with his guns and you can see that it is actually the Dunwall Tower, it’s quite clear. There are many little details like that. A character talks about a unique concept that is unique to the Dishonored universe. Then you can say, “hey, wait a second.” This is Dishonored. Where can it happen? You can then follow the thread.

It was great to have this little scavenger hunting inside the scavenger hunting. If you take a step back, you will see that there are things about classes, inequalities, and magic in the Deathloop world. Despite the fact that characters are able to flee from it, you can still see the differences.

We tried to see everything in an evolution. But each time they mentioned the past we either were too vague or we disguised the names in, I would say natural ways. They speak about Tyvia and the motherland. But once you know everything, you can unravel it all. It does make sense. It was great to be able to imagine one future for the Dishonored and have it make sense.

Deathloop launched recently on Xbox (it was a timed console-exclusive on PlayStation platforms) as well as Game Pass. The Goldenloop update introduced a new ability weapon, enemy and four new ability upgrades. It also included 19 new trinkets.

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