Dragon Age: Dreadwolf targeting both Series Vets as well as Newcomers, New Protagonist Possible

It’s been some time since the last Dragon Age game (that being 2014’s DA: Inquisition) and that amount of time will only expand by the time Dragon Age: Dreadwolf finally comes out. What approach are BioWare Austin’s and Edmonton’s Dragon Age: Dreadwolf developers taking to the game. Are they heavily drawing on past games and events? Or are they starting from scratch? In any case, they are both. new Bioware blog post Sylvia Feketekuty, lead writer for Dreadwolf, stated that the goal is to thread the needle with long-standing fans and not require a lot of knowledge about the series.

“Dragon Age: Dreadwolf has been a balance of providing answers to long-standing questions for veteran fans while making a game that new players, or someone who only played Dragon Age: Inquisition years ago, can also get into.”

Narrative Editor Ryan Cormier further elaborated on the approach…

“Unlike the vast galaxies we explore in our other franchises, Dragon Age: Dreadwolf returns us to Thedas, where we can revisit friends and places that are familiar. Some fans haven’t spent time with Dragon Age since the 2014 release of Inquisition, while others have read every comic and story published since. Others never played a Dragon Age game at all and have no idea who the bald guy is (he’s Solas). It’s a varied audience, and development for Dreadwolf has included conversations about how the team can simultaneously reward our returning fans and welcome new ones.”

BioWare has much to prove, given their recent history. Hopefully, they really can appeal to the wide audience they’re targeting. The blog post strongly suggested that Dreadwolf would feature a new protagonist, consistent with previous Dragon Age games. Still, it’s nice to have confirmation.

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf does not yet have platforms or a release window. BioWare claimed that the game was in mid-production earlier this year.

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