Dragonspire, a cooperative roguelike roguelike from “anime Hades”, will be coming to mobile and Steam next years

Starmi the developer and Lionheart Games the publisher have announced Dragonspire, an anime-style action game roguelike, will launch on both PCs and mobile devices. The action-packed game allows for cooperative play up to three players from all over Asteria.

Dragonspire will offer players procedurally generated challenges that they can team up to tackle different obstacles. They will battle epic bosses, take out enemy hordes and collect bountiful loot. As they unlock new abilities and skills, they’ll also face off against mighty bosses.

Naomi, Serena and Breeze? There are many heroes to choose from. Each one has their own personality, elemental affinities, battle specialisations, and so much more. The game features over 150 elemental crowns, as well magic eggs that players can hatch to gain useful pet benefits. If the RNG gods favor your side, you may even be able hatch a mythical animal.

According to the official press release, the game is being called an “anime Hades”, and the images online show that it shares many similarities with the popular roguelike. The exact release date for next year is not yet known. However, if you want to have fun and try the game, you can add it on your wishlist. Steam Now.

You can also join the followers community over at the official Twitter Page to keep up-to date on all the latest developments. Join the official Discord To stay in the loop, visit the official website For more information about the game, please visit:

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