Dying Light 2 will get Mod Tools; Techland is Looking for Other Ways to Deliver Mods To Consoles, Too

Yesterday evening, Techland posted a community Q&A with Dying Light 2 lead Tymon Smektała on their official Discord channel. There are many interesting tidbits about the game’s future upgrades and additions. This includes confirmation that mod tools are on the way for PC. Techland is also looking into delivering mods to console platforms.

We are currently working on adding developer tools for the PC version of the game and looking for ways to distribute mods created on PC to console users. I think that DL1 is an excellent example of what is possible. I won’t say too much, but we will be ready when it’s time!

Smektała also commented on other highly requested features, such as PvP (which is missing in Dying Light 2 compared to its predecessor) and guns (also missing in the sequel).

PvP – Bloody Ties supports both single-player and online coop modes. We believe we can offer much more with the arena format. It all depends on your response. I can see more events and modes being added later to the Carnage Hall.

Priority number 1 following the release of Bloody Ties will be to improve the online aspect of the game. I don’t want too much to say, but please know that we will be focusing on the future interactions between players.

Guns We are aware that this is one the top 3 demands of our community. We have repeatedly stated that we want Dying Light’s development to be in line with our great players’ expectations. There’s nothing I can add at this time, because I don’t want to jump the gun.

Dying Light 2 will soon get Bloody Ties as the next DLC. It was supposed to launch October 13th, but Techland changed their minds. announced The delay was extended to November 10th. Still, Smektała promised in the Community Q&A there would be quite a bit of content.

Carnage Hall is quite large as a location. There is the main building, which has arenas inside, and there is also a nice park that surrounds it. This park houses some of the DLC’s side quests. The arenas are large enough to allow parkour and combat to be combined with Infected during the events that take place over the course of DLC. The difficulty of the DLC is still being balanced. We hope to make it easy for everyone to enjoy the entire story of Aiden (and his friend Ciro) but players will have to rise to a greater challenge in order to discover everything the Carnage Hall offers.

Beyond that, Smektała said Techland is planning to add Legend levels, stats, X-Ray vision, and new animations to Dying Light 2 in future updates. Cross-platform play was something he could not commit to, but he described it as a difficult technical challenge.

If you haven’t yet played the game, or want to know more, check out our full review.

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