Elden Ring Future Content May Include New Hair Options, Arenas, and Other Features

The Elden Ring 1.07 Patch has been released. It contains some undocumented modifications that hint at content that might be added to the game in future.

Dataminer reported the following Sekiro DubiThe new patch introduced four new parameters to 4 new text banners. These match the text in the 1.0 version of a game like Begin Match, You Win and You Lose. This suggests that the vast arenas in the Lands Between might be open for business in the future.

Sekiro Dubi summarized the findings in the Elden Ring 1.07 and sent a tweet following. He highlighted how the patch suggests that new hair options may be available in the future as well some unspecified, subtle maps changes as well the new map files which were confirmed by Lance McDonald shortly after the patch went live.

Elden Ring now available for PC, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 as well as Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and Xbox One worldwide. You can read my review to learn more.

I tried to find faults in Elden Ring but, no matter how hard, I couldn’t. The developers could fix these technical issues via patches. While I strongly believe that perfection does not exist and that it’s always possible to improve, I can’t think of anything Elden Ring could have done better. The game is a masterpiece and deserves a perfect rating. I wouldn’t give it to any other modern game, not only because it is so good, but also because of the open world it created and the impact it will have on video games in the near future.

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