Evony beginners guide: Tips, tricks, and more

Tip #1: The Rewards are Amazing

No, don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with the rewards you earn in Evony. However, you can make a lot of them by solving puzzles throughout your time playing Evony. Although there are a few puzzles that you can do, they are a key part of building your empire.

You’re trapped at the beginning and must create a path for the explorer to reach the treasure box. They’ll get trickier as you go but you can take your time and understand the layout. These games are great fun, and the rewards for being resourceful are well worth it.

Tip #2 – It’s time to upgrade

You can only improve your structures to make a lasting legacy in Evony. Initially, you’ll start with a few but there are plenty of empty spots that need filling. You must upgrade if you want an immense empire. Upgrading in any game seems essential but that’s especially true here.

Once you gather enough resources to make the necessary changes, you’ll be able to earn XP and level up your game. This will allow you to add new structures. New structures mean that you’ll be able to recruit new troops and gather more resources. It is necessary to upgrade certain structures in order to upgrade others. Keep that in mind.

Tip #3 – Claim Those Quests

You will be reminded of this but it’s a good thing to just remember anyway. You must make sure you get to Evony to claim your quest rewards. It’s easy to get lost in everything that’s going on that sometimes we can forget to snag our goodies.

These will increase your XP points. As we mentioned, leveling up through your XP is the best way to grow your city. So just make sure to hit that little “Quests” button on the bottom left corner of your screen to not only view what quests are available but gain the rewards from the ones you completed.

Tip #4: Build Farms

Evony is a great place to start a farm. This will allow you make food. How can a city survive without food and water? The nice thing about building farms is that they’re typically free. Once you have them constructed, you can start to collect food and feed your citizens.

There are other ways to get food, but this is the easiest and most efficient. You can also build many farms. You can also play the game and earn rewards. There are many reward packages that include food, so there are many options. It is a great advantage to get them from farms.

Tip #5 – Plant Your Flag

You can take control of certain areas in Evony by going over to them. Make sure you have enough troops and a leader. You’ll see some structures that appear abandoned near yours and other players’ cities. You have the option to occupy this area. It can take between three and five minutes depending on its proximity.

It’ll take several seconds for your crew to arrive, a couple of minutes to search around, and then several more seconds to return home. This is a great way of accumulating resources. While the rewards are not predictable, you can stockpile well. Be aware of potential dangers such as robbers, monsters, and other hazards depending on which path you choose.

Tip #6: What Talented Player?

Do you remember the old Research facility that we mentioned earlier? This is where Evony really shines. When you click on your profile, you’ll be presented with many different options for your character. One of those things is your “Talents” page. This page is where you can add skills to your character that will affect the growth of your empire.

Some of the talents range from marching speed to resource production to improved archer tower attack power, there’s a lot on offer. The catch is that you’ll not only need to research these abilities but you’ll also need to level up as well. There are three talents for each level. You can max out each of these skills at four using Talent Points, which you can earn while playing.

Tip #7: Survey the Area Good

Referring back to the Evony mini-game, we know how crucial it is in terms gathering resources for your community. We have alluded to this already but it’s good to put an emphasis on it as you’ll be playing these games quite often. Make sure to take your time and survey the layout that you’re dealing with. As you advance, you’ll notice that the mini-games will become a bit trickier and more tedious. And some will tend to fool you into thinking that they’re harder than they really are.

The good thing is that you’ll have several tries to figure things out so you can afford death. However, you don’t have forever so make sure you look at things carefully. If you feel the need to, try it out and see what happens when a certain pin is pulled. This will give you an idea about which path to take.

Tip #8 – Rally The Troops and Man The Torpedoes

Ah yes, what great ruler is there without a strong, hardy army to defend his city? Your army begins with a small group (roughly 15 troops), and the huge platform where soldiers line up sometimes looks lonely and empty. You don’t have to worry, ruler of the lands, because you can still rally more troops. To do this, simply go to the area where your army is training and click on the flag in the corner. You can use a few diamonds to recruit more warriors.

Although diamonds may seem more expensive in Evony, you can still earn them by simply playing the game. If you would like to just add more cash to your stash then you can spend a few real-world currencies if you’d like. You can keep playing and you will soon have a good amount of diamonds. It will be enough to increase your army’s readiness for battle. Mount up, soldiers!

Tip #9 – Eat, Drink, Recruit, Repeat

The best way to boost your army in Evony, is to recruit the best generals for your armies. You might be wondering where they can be found. Well, you can find them typically hanging out at the tavern and drinking away, just waiting for someone to come in and say “hey, join my squad”.

You’ll need to level up other areas of your city before you start building your tavern. Once you do, you’ll be able to start recruiting away. Generals can help improve your army. Each general has their own skills that you can apply to your soldiers.

Visit frequently to find out who can join your empire. Take a seat, grab a drink, then discuss. As you move, you can recruit even more generals. When it’s all over, you’ll have one tough army.

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