Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Update 6.3 is Out Next Month; Patch Detailed, and New Trailer

Square Enix has revealed that Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker update 6.3 is coming next month. The company also provided more information about the patch.

According to the game’s official websiteThe new patch will arrive in January 2023. It will feature a new story, main scenario quests, and challenges. According to the official website, “In the darkness and the Thirteenth, a Warrior of Light discovers an unexpected ally in a woman half-voidsent named Zero.” “She returns with the Source for a while, and after recovering from recent trials, she prepares to continue the search to Azdaja. However, an unanticipated threat blocks their path …”

The 6.3 patch will include a new story, new challenges, a new ultimate raid and additional duty support. It will also offer weapon enhancement quests and more. Below are the main features of the patch and the trailer for the update.

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker update 6.3

  • New Main Scenario Quests
  • New Alliance Raid Dungeon Part 2: Myths of the Realm
  • New Dungeon – Lapis Manalis
  • New Trial
  • New Ultimate Raid (Patch 6.31)
  • Deep Dungeon – Eureka Orthos (Patch 6.35)
  • New Unreal Trial – Containment bay P1T6 (Unreal).
  • Additional Duty Support
  • Tataru’s Grand Endeavor
  • Somehow More Hildibrand Adventures
  • Weapon Enhancement Quests- Manderville Weapons Patch 6.35)
  • Quests for Tool Enhancement (Patch 6.35)
  • New Tribal Quests – The Loporrits, Patch 6.35)
  • New Custom Deliveries
  • Treasure Hunt – The Shifting Gymnasion Agonon
  • Island Sanctuary Updates
  • Crystalline Conflict – New Arena
  • The Gold Saucer – A New Course for Leaps of Faith
  • Housing Update
  • New Mounts, Minions and Emotes

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker, the latest expansion to the game. It follows up the 2019 Shadowbringers expansion. Here’s what we wrote last year about the expansion in our preview.

“Perhaps the most controversial addition to FFXIV is Endwalker. It’s the inevitable number of squish that will help to bring things down to a more manageable stage going forward. If you looked back to the boss roster in Patch 5.5, it wasn’t uncommon to see bosses come ever so close to breaching the half-billion HP barrier (the highest recorded was approximately 440 million HP). Yoshi-P stressed that the numbers are large and can cause application and calculation errors. As the number and frequency of zeroes rises, this strain can be carried over to rendering and processing. Square-Enix decided to put the emphasis on rendering player characters.

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