Fortnite unveils a trophy for the FNCS Invitational 2022, designed by Swarovski

The Fortnite Champions Series Invitational 2022 contest is just around the bend. It begins on November 12th. It has a huge prize pool of $1,000,000. On the 13th, a winner is chosen and will receive a substantial portion of this reward. The prestigious FNCS Trophy will be presented to the winners by master craftsmen from Swarovski.

It is absolutely stunning. It features the FNCS chrome logo at the center and custom-made iridescent Swarovski Crystals around it. These crystals can change their color from purple to blue, which is what makes them so special. It’s a big award too at 18 inches tall, and weighing 15 pounds. The trophy’s final version will feature the names of the champions, so they will be immortalized.

A little recap about this year’s FNCS Invitational, it is a Duos format tournament divided over two days. Each team will play 12 matches. Six matches per day. A victory royale awards 32 points. The number of points awarded drops from 29 to 4 points when the position drops below 35. Two additional points are given for each elimination.

The big prize pool guarantees at least $1000 for each of the top 50 participants. The higher-ranked players will get a larger share of the prize pool as the top three duos will receive $200,000, $140,000, or $120,000, respectively.

If you aren’t going in person to see the winner take that gorgeous trophy home, it can currently be seen on the Legends Landing Creative Island (3303-7480-5925). The model will be available in-game for creators in a future update.

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