Fortnite Vault Keys Guide – Where to Find Them and How They Work

Fortnite’s newest season has introduced a new game mechanic involving Vaults. To scan and open a Vault, you had to go to it with your team (or a hired NPC). Epic Games has changed this mechanic. You no longer have to rely upon other players to open Vaults.

Instead, you will need to find at minimum one Key during the match. Once you have found the Key, you can head to any Vault with a white lock displayed on the map. This guide will provide all the information you need about Fortnite Keys, including how to find them and how they work.

Fortnite Keys Locations

Vault Keys in Fortnite aren’t tied to one or more specific locations, as they are random loot. In other words, you could run across them as you play a match, but there’s no guarantee. They can be found in chests or as floor loot. You can also find them from enemies if they are killed and they have at least one key in their inventory.

Although they are not very common, if you look at several locations during a match you will likely find at least one key. However, if you are looking for them, do it in the first minute of the game. Otherwise, the Storm will gradually approach and not all Vaults can be reached.

How to Use Vault Keys for Fortnite

Fortnite Keys are able to be collected in a maximum of three at a given time. They can then be used to access Vaults scattered around the island. After you have obtained a Key you will see all available Vaults marked by a white lock icon. You can go to any one of them without restriction, but you should also be aware of the number of keys needed to open it. You can quickly find this information by looking at the keyholes inside each lock.

It is simple: If only one keyhole is visible, you will need to use one Key to unlock the door to that Vault. You can check the number of keys you have collected so far by looking at the lower right corner of the screen,  as you will find this information just above the icon that displays the inventory shortcut.

Vaults that require two keys in order to be opened can hold more loot. However, the rewards are great in all situations. Rare chests, ammo, or other high-tier loot are common. Vaults often contain at least one key that will allow you to go directly to the next location on the island.

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