Genshin Impact 3.2 Information Leaked, including Details About New Characters Nahida & Layla

Genshin Impact version 3.1 launches tomorrow, bringing with it the new Sumeru desert region and characters Nilou, Cyno, and Candace (get more details about the update here), but we’re already looking forward to the game’s next update. HoYoverse, Genshin Impact’s developer, has revealed two characters that they plan to add in update 3.2.2, including Nahida, a Dedro user and Layla, who is also a Cryo user. Various leakers have also filled in some of the gaps.

According to reliable Genshin Impact leaker UBatcha, Nahida wields magical Dendro catalysts. Her Elemental Skill allows you to mark enemies You can also rip through their defenses. Her Elemental Burst grants buffs to your Pyro and Electro teammates and gives them a lot of territory. It seems like she brings both DPS as well as support skills to the table.

Here’s a look at Nahida’s Elemental Skill in action.

As for Nahida’s character, it seems like she’s the vessel of Lesser Lord Kusanali, the current Dendro Archon (the god of that element and corresponding region). Kusanali/Nahida apparently replaced the former Dendro Archon Greater Lord Rukkhadevata who was killed in a cataclysm 500 year ago. However, many fans believe Kusanali/Nahida may be Rukkhadevata who has been drained of her powers. It’s a bit complicated, I know.

Layla can be moved onto and deals Cryo Damage. She can also wield swords. Her Elemental Skill is said to summon a shield of sortsHer Elemental Burst covers large areas on the ground and deals Cryo injury.

Less is known about Layla’s personal traits, although UBatcha says her main defining quirk is always being sleepy. It’s unknown what star rating the new 3.2 characters carry, but I’m guessing Nahida is a 5-star and Layla is a 4-star.

Genshin Impact 3.2’s overall story can be found here. insider VTNa Leak has been posting some details. It seems that the player could end up in jail and then team up with Nahida for the Fatui Harbinger Dontore. Although the details are not clear, you can still follow the link and try to figure it out for yourself.

Genshin Impact can also be played on PCs, PS4 and PS5 as well as mobile devices. Tomorrow is the release of Update 3.1. Updates arrive every six weeks, so you can expect Update 3.2 to arrive on November 2.

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