Genshin Impact will be celebrating two years of Genshin Impact with a documentary of all the memories of the players inside and outside of the game

Genshin Impact is a game that has been in existence for more than two years. Hoyoverse provides travellers with numerous updates, including new characters, playable areas and quests and an ever-expanding narrative. Recent updates included the Sumeru area, the Dendro element, and a host of new heroes.

Hoyoverse also hosted Genshin Concert 2022 called Melodies of an Endless Journey. This concert featured HOYO/MiX and Shiro Sagisu, a renowned composer. The event was based on Teyvat’s gorgeous musical landscape.


Hoyoverse continues the celebrations by releasing a new Genshin Impact story documentary today that commemorates everything that happened over two years. It’s a five-minute video that captures all the memorable encounters players and fans have had within and outside of the game.

A month ago, developers began the #EndlessJourney Campaign on the HoYoLAB gaming community forum. In the last few weeks, more than 150,000 Genshin Impact stories had been submitted by players. A few were chosen and included straight into the documentary. Many others were featured at iconic locations and on outdoor banners.

Fans will see a collection of events from the past two years in this movie. This is a way to show the players’ relationships. Teleport Waypoints are also available in shopping centres, busy streets, as well as in many corners around the globe.

Many of these moments were also displayed at Han River Festival and many other exhibitions. As we enter the third year, players can expect the exact same commitment from Hoyoverse. As more updates are released over time, they will be even more. Version 3.1 is now live, and many events are planned for the next phase.

Download Genshin Impact now and explore Teyvat. Also, commemorate two years of the game by downloading it.

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