God of War Ragnarok File Size On PS4 Might Have Been Revealed And Its Kratos-Like

The file size of God of War Ragnarok, the upcoming PlayStation 4 game, might have been revealed.

The info This information comes from the Twitter account PlayStation Game Size. It has been proven to be very accurate in the past. According to the latest update, Sony has updated the God of War Ragnarok Download Page. The game currently weighs in at 90.6GB on PlayStation 4. Quite huge for sure, especially considering the fact that 2018’s God of War clocked in at ‘only’ 45GB on Sony’s last-gen console. Reddit: Someone else seems to also posted a shot of the game’s download size on PS4.

While this is indeed quite large for a PlayStation 4 title, it should be noted that the actual size can still change and the download size depends on the player’s region. Horizon: Forbidden West was a good example of this. The file size may vary from one region to the next. In addition, the file size of the installed game can still change as the game hasn’t received an update just yet.

While some suggest that this large file size implies that Ragnarok is far larger than 2018’s God of War, we point out that this isn’t necessarily the case and the larger size can also be attributed to less compression or larger game assets.

How large God of War Ragnarok will be on PS5 remains to be seen at this point as Sony’s next-gen (or should we say; current-gen) console features built-in “invisible compression”. Many games on PlayStation 5 take up less space than those on the last-gen consoles.

God of War Ragnarok will be released on PlayStation 5 (and PlayStation 4) on November 9.

Santa Monica Studio presents the sequel to God of War (2018). Fimbulwinter is well under way. As Asgardian forces prepare for the prophesied battle that will bring down the world, Kratos & Atreus must travel to each one of the Nine Realms. They will be able to explore mythical landscapes as well as confront terrifying enemies in the form Norse gods. The threat of Ragnarök grows ever closer. Kratos, Atreus, and others must choose between their safety and that of the realms.

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