Gotham Knights November 7th PC Patch Updates AMD Support, Introduces GPU Optimizations, and More

A new Gotham Knights patch for the PC version is now available. It introduces a variety of fixes as well as improvements.

The November 7th patch AMD FSR support is included, which improves the game’s use of the upscaling tech. The update also includes GPU optimization for Low and Mode quality presets, stability enhancements and many other improvements.

Below are the patch notes for Gotham Knights November 7th Patch.

  • Dropping from a ledge/beam will cause you to stop jumping forward
  • The exe name was changed to “GothamKnights.exe”.
  • FSR 2 has been updated with the latest version (2.1.2).
  • The Nvidia Freestyle can be used now
  • Redesigned backup save system
  • The save distinction functionality has been enhanced, and claimed DLCs are now stored within the save data
  • Fix for “flying cars” in co-op
  • GPU optimization for low and medium quality presets
  • There are many UI and input fixes
  • Photo mode navigation issues fixed
  • Steam now has a Steam friend feature that prevents the game from crashing when you add a friend.
  • When the player removes the currently-equipped gear, the game doesn’t crash anymore
  • Additional crash fixes
  • Server side update to improve co-op connectivity stability

Gotham Knights now available for worldwide purchase on PC, PlayStation 5 (Xbox Series X), and Xbox Series S (Xbox Series S). Alessio’s review of the game will provide more information.

Gotham Knights, an action RPG, is a fun and engaging game that follows in the Batman: Arkham footsteps while taking a different path. Although the story isn’t very compelling and the performances are disappointing, this is the most realistic Gotham City we have ever seen. The game is still enjoyable for fans of the genre.

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