Grand Cross celebrates 50 Million Downloads of The Seven Deadly Sins. New character, login bonuses, and more!

Netmarble celebrates 50 million downloads of The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross mobile gacha RPG. Players can expect a new hero and themed events, as well as lots of in-game rewards.

Players can look forward to a new playable hero in the latest update of The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross [Last Philosopher] The Mage of Infinity Merlin will join the fray. A 50M DL Celebration Festival Drawing will be held where players might be able to win the new hero. 1 of 4 festival heroes will be free once the 900 mileage has been reached. [Last Philosopher] Mage of Infinity Merlin [Waves of the Earth] Queen Diane [Divine Protection] Merlin, the Daughter of Belialuin [Restored Emotions] Hijack Gowther.

A special 50M DL Celebration Festival check-in event will give away 150 Diamonds, a Super Awakening Token, and other goodies to players who log on every day for 28 Days.

If you are looking for something more difficult, you can prepare for the Event Boss Battle – Giant Hawk. This event offers many rewards for the most powerful players. Additionally, completing Chapters 19 through 23 can earn players Diamonds and the Full Awaken Token.

Download The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross to get involved in the fun. iOS App Store And on the Google Play Store for Android devices. It’s free to play and includes in-app purchases. You can also join our community of followers on the official website Facebook Page to keep up to date with all the latest developments. Visit the official website For more information, please visit the embedded clip below. This will give you a sneak peak at the game’s vibes and visuals as well as its mechanics.

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