How to Say Goodbye is coming to Android and iOS next month. It’s a puzzler about death acceptance and acceptance.

Independent developers Florian Veltman (Monument Valley), and Baptiste Portefaix(Oniri Islands), announced last year that they were working together to create a game called How to Say Goodbye. This narrative puzzle deals with themes such as acceptance and moving on through poetry. Today, the developers revealed that the game will finally be released on November 3.

Today’s teaser also dropped. How to Say Goodbye will see players find themselves in a kind of limbo a few seconds after their death, where they must recount their story as they enter a new world.

Accepting what happened is the only way you can get to the other side. Accepting your death is not easy, even though it sounds simple. That’s bound to be difficult. Players will need to convince the ghosts that what happened cannot be undone and that the only way forward is to move forward. Only then will they be able to make it to the other side where many spirits await.

Florian Veltman described their belief in using death in the game by saying: “Grief is a universal experience unique to each individual, and one that evokes strong emotions. It is often reduced to a violent act in video games. Death is used to indicate to the player, in a binary way, whether he wins or loses, that he is still alive or not. We wanted to approach the subject in a more subtle and positive way, with sensitivity.”

Crossing over will be difficult. To help the ghost find the exit symbol, players will need different elements placed on a grid. Naturally, this way is full of obstacles including other ghosts who couldn’t get to the other side and will not let anyone else pass.

These unking ghosts are called “spleens” and seem to be under the control wizard, a being about which not much is known. His influence can be seen in the world of How to Say Goodbye.

App Store pages should be available soon. Discord server Stay up-to date

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