IDEA, the highly-anticipated and award-winning puzzler will be available on both mobile and computer next year

TLR Games has been working on IDEA, a physics-based exploration game. The announcement trainer, which was released in August, gave PC and mobile users the last information about the game. Today, the developers have big news: the award-winning title will finally arrive on Steam and iOS in the first quarter of next year.

I mean “early next year” as the virtual shelves will be stacked full of IDEA books in January 2023. To celebrate this announcement, TLR has dropped another trailer that also showcases new areas of the game and changes in the naming of users’ messages, which are now called Spirits.

If you haven’t heard of IDEA before, it is one of the most anticipated puzzle games in recent times. IDEA was inspired by the award-winning film of that name, directed by Olli HUTTUEN. It combines physics-based exploration with platforming in a magnificent world where ideas are formed.

Players will find themselves looking at beautiful landscapes from our own planet, through a bird’s eye view, recorded in 4K resolution. The goal is to ignite an idea using a white lightbulb and let it bounce around in this new world. The bulb will light up if the idea is generated before the music ends.

A brilliant short clip will be created when an idea is successfully developed. IDEA rewards failures, which is a different way of doing things. If the time expires and players can’t create an idea, the visual composition might not be created. However there is still space for their thoughts to flow.

The frozen idea can be transformed into a thought or a verse, and shared with others. As you form your thoughts into an IDEA, be prepared to go on a deep and personal journey. To stay up to date with all of IDEA’s happenings, check out their Twitter handle.

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