Illusion announced the complete configuration of Game 18+ Room Girl.

Room Girl, like many other Illusion games allows players to freely shape their characters. They can be male or female.

Most gamers have heard of Illusion’s Room Girl product. My coworkers have even written reviews of the Koikatsu Party and AI*Shoujo games made by this company. These games are mostly intended for adults, and often don’t have much to do with gameplay. They focus on the beauty of the female characters in order to get people to open them, “enjoy” them for a brief time, then “no need for their lives.”

Illusion, a Japanese firm that produces some of the best adult games in the globe, has just announced the system requirements for Room Girl, their new game. Room Girl will be released at the end of September. It will only be available on PC, just as its other games. It is not yet clear if the game will be available on Steam, as with its predecessors.


Illusion has just announced that gamers will require a computer with 8GB RAM and a GTX1060 configuration. This is probably the best way to set up the game, if you want it “run” smoothly and if you are looking to play it. The system requirements will be higher if you plan to play at high resolution and add many mods.

The game’s plot concerns a regular woman in a city, and her work days and dates. The gamer will play a male character that goes on dates with all types of women, including schoolgirls, midwives and flight attendants. Illusion stated that they wanted to create a 3D game that simulated everyday life and play. Try to get rid from the feeling that you are playing the game in an entirely new way.

As in other Illusion games players can change the appearance of both male and female characters. The game will offer a wide range of clothing options, but modders will need to make it a success.


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