Jolly Battle: Why you should play this sweet treat of an game

Jolly Battle, a game of caramels, candy, and cakes, is funny. The sweet treats you’ll be able to find are hilariously silly. This casual family game allows players to dive into a board that’s full of sugary bursts across every level. Here’s what you can expect from this game.


A sweet and thrilling story

Jolly Battle is a story that explains why you are throwing caramel bombs at your screen. The fairytale sweet Kingdoms were once able to co-exist in a faraway place, but due to some merrymaking mishaps, the citizens of these countries ended up in a cheerful scrum.

Now, you’re locked into a battle to make the best birthday cake.

Simple steps for the entire family

Jolly Battle sees players taking turns to search a board for the second player’s character. They will encounter colourful characters and explore levels along the way. They can use boosters to gain special buffs and earn bountiful rewards throughout the game.

You can position your characters and bombard your opponent using caramel bombs to score points. You can also aim for the top in the world rankings if you feel competitive. Clear quests every day for additional in-game goodies.

Quirky characters and themes

The game also features a variety of “yummies” and fruits across more than a hundred levels in three kingdoms. You’ll fight through the Dessert Kingdom and the Caramel as well as the Asian Sweets Kingdoms. You can also customize the look of your avatar or king.

You can also use your coin to craft boosters based on the level of the king. This will allow for you to unlock new features and increase your experience. You can also play online against your friends in PvP mode.

Jolly Battle is available on the internet if you want to join the fun in all the sweet skirmishes iOS App Store The Google Play Store for Android devices. It’s a free-to play game that can be purchased in-app. You can also join the official followers community. Facebook page, Instagram Channel and YouTube Subscribe to our channel to keep up-to-date on all the latest developments.

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