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Jurassic World Primal Ops It is an Adventure The well-known genre game Behaviour Interactive Inc.He was the author of popular titles such as Dead by Daylight, DiRT 5, and many others while the title was being registered by Universal Studio. This is the latest title in the Jurassic World series and the only one that is related to it. This article will review Jurassic World Primal Ops. We’ll also share our initial impressions of this game.

Jurassic World Primal Ops is located in a country that allows dinosaurs to roam free. While most people are happy to have them, the poachers exploit them for their own purposes. The player, along with other members of Department of Fisheries and Wildlife is tasked with stopping poachers’ harmful activity and taking care of the dinosaurs.

Begin a thrilling adventure along with the Jurassic animals

Start with the Jurassic World Primal Ops ReviewThe game begins with Dr. Omar Wilson, Operations Director, and Janice WilliamsThe DFW’s director of field operations guides the player through the tutorial. He also explains how to use the ally dinosaurs and what quests can be achieved.

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They will continue to guide the player even after the tutorial is over. They have a great dialogue that is sometimes funny and sometimes very informative. The instructions in different missions are sometimes not clear and players must try different methods to achieve the goal.

As the levels increase, players may have difficulty managing their energy levels if they play multiple levels at once. The regeneration speed is relatively slow and the total amount of regenerated power is not sufficient. To return to the level, players must go through the loading process once more. It can be frustrating for players who wish to play it at a constant higher quality.

Upgrade and assemble your favorite dinos of the past

Jurassic World Primal Ops is broken into Nine chapters, each divided into three acts and broken down into many levels. As the game progresses, it becomes more exciting. The higher levels require upgrades and selection of the right team members, as there are more powerful enemies.

Upgrading Jurassic Park Mobile Games
Image via Behaviour Interactive

The game offers progress saving features for players via Google Play account, Apple accounts, and Facebook accounts. The player can save in one of these services so that they can start over again, even on another device. You also get a daily login bonus. A small gift would be given to players who log in regularly.

It is important that the upgrade system has a clear narrative to make it easier for people to understand. The upgrade system can be quite complex due to the many sections. Upgrades and ranks can be confusing. It’s really annoying that they don’t have a retry button incase if the mission fails.

The game features decent graphics and an incredible UI

The graphics are quite attractive. The game is set in an open environment. The water animation is smooth. The game has less detail, but the environment objects such as trees and other objects, which are of average quality, can be seen. Good character drawing is also possible.

Image via Behaviour Interactive

The art is represented in such a way that the characters don’t look too cartoonish. The UI is incredible. It has a high technological advancement feel, due to the fact that user interference is minimal and well-arranged. The game sounds are smooth and not too rocky. You can choose to mut the game sounds or music in the settings.

Some players also reported that the default graphics setting was set to low even though the device can produce higher quality graphics. Some players have reported that the slider resets when they complete a mission after changing the settings.

To progress through Jurassic Park you need to see the ads

The game’s system shows that it relies on ads for its revenue. The game offers different currencies and multiplication of the reward for mission completion in exchange for viewing an advert. However, in many cases, while viewing the ad, the game freezes and doesn’t respond.

The Best Among the Rest Jurassic World Primal Ops
Image via Behaviour Interactive

To get out, players will need to forcefully close the game and retry it. This can be frustrating at times. The game has a limit on how many ads you can view in exchange for in-game currency. This cooldown lasts 24 hours. This concept is unique, but it directly impacts how much a player progresses in a single stretch.

Final Thoughts

Despite being a very popular game, there are some flaws to this title. There is no multiplayer mode in the game. This game can only run if you have an active internet connection because it uses progress tracking. This would be a problem for many players as it can’t be played offline despite not having an online feature.

All the fights, all the rescues and levels have made the game more enjoyable for the players and, more importantly, for those who love Jurassic World games. It is a unique concept to save the dinosaurs and overcome the obstacles. The developers have created an entertaining game that is very enjoyable to play.

Gameplay mechanics – 7

Game Progression 6.5

Graphics and Music – 7.

Controls and UI 8

6 Free-to Play Elements



All those fights and rescues and levels made the game even more fun for players and, more importantly, for fans of Jurassic world games.

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