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A large scale real imagining of the ‘fake’ Waterworld arcade game that Milhouse plays during a 10 second joke in a 1997 episode of The Simpsons.

In Simpsons videogame form, you can recreate the most memorable and important parts of the movie!


  • An action-packed adventure that covers multiple areasBattle through the atoll and traverse the ocean to board the Deez, and you will find dry land!
  • Find and use different items
    Trade your dirt, get the tomato plants, build the water purifier, and much more!
  • Multiple boss fights
    Fight the Nord, fight a Whalefin, and face off against the Deacon!
  • You can replay the entire story with many secrets
    Are you able to uncover all the secrets and master the game in order to find the true ending?

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Kevin Costner’s Waterworld

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