Logitech G cloud is a new streaming deck-like, supports Xbox Game Pass, GeForce Now and more

Recently, we’ve seen the rise of both gaming portables and cloud gaming services, and the new Logitech G Cloud looks to combine them both. The new portable, which was created in partnership with Logitech, Tencent and Chinese mega publisher, offers a SteamDeck-like form factor but focuses exclusively on streaming, instead of running natively. As such, the device is fully compatible with Xbox Cloud Gaming via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and NVIDIA’s GeForce Now. The Google Play Store will be accessible on the device, so you’ll be able to access any number of streaming services through there (and perhaps even side-load some stuff). You can also stream local games via the Xbox App and SteamLink.

Logitech G Cloud

Although portables such as the Steam Deck can technically run streaming services like Xbox Cloud Gaming without any additional fiddling, they are not able to stream games. The Logitech Cloud, which focuses entirely on streaming, has some advantages, including a lower cost and a 12-hour battery life. Here are the device’s key features:

  • Comfortable Play All Day Logitech G Cloud Gaming Handheld lets gamers play anywhere with Wi Fi. The battery lasts 12+ hours and is only 463g. Players can enjoy extended sessions.
  • Full HD The large 7-inch HD 1080p HD touchscreen boasts a 60Hz refresh rate, a 16:9 gaming experience, and is the first handheld to offer this feature.
  • Precision Gaming Controls – Performance is comparable to the best controllers, including haptics, gyroscopes, and remappable.

The quality of the Logitech G Cloud is still up in the air, but I do like the idea. I could see it being a more compelling product than the Steam Deck for some, as it won’t be subject to hardware obsolescence in the same way. Tencent’s involvement also implies the device is going to get a big push in China and other Asian markets, so it’s unlikely to be quickly abandoned the way some other portables have been.

The Logitech Cloud will typically cost $350. However, those who are willing to pay more may get it for $350. pre-order the device You can get it at an introductory price only $300

The Logitech cloud is due to launch in October. What do YOU think? Are you interested in the portable model?

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