LoL: Wild Rift just launched patch 3.5 Darkin to Dawn

Riot Games has released a new patch to its MOBA League for Legends: Wild Rift. Patch 3.5, Darkin to Dawn. It introduces new champions, items and events, as well numerous quality-of-life improvements.


Aatrox, the Darkin Blade, will be our first. He is an ancient creature that has been trapped in a sword. The Shadow Reaper, Kayn, uses a possessed weapon called Rhaast. It’s not easy for him because Kayn has to constantly battle a Darkin for the weapon’s control.

Number three is Lillia the Bashful Bloom. Her appearance is calm and she looks like she belongs in a peaceful forest. But, don’t fall for her appearance as she is a fast-paced fighter.

Items and Enchants

This update will bring you a lot of new items, enchants, and other features that will make your gameplay more enjoyable. A few of these are Horizon Focus, Lord Dominik’s Regards, Soulstealer, Phase Rush, and Sudden Impact.

Wild Pass

Darkin to Dawn’s Wild Pass will feature Jhin, a supervillain that will be available at level 50. Participating in matches can earn his ascended ability from the Wild Pass Emporium.


Wild Rift welcomes Spirit Blossom in this update. It requires players to travel into a small village in the spirit realm and complete missions to summon a random spirit. This will result in more bizarre ghosts if you do it repeatedly. A Snowball Fight will also be held to celebrate the new year.

Jungle Changes

Riot Games is changing the Jungle role’s mechanics to make it more immersive and impactful, but less complicated. Two new features are being added to the Jungle Monsters, Rift Herald mechanics. This will benefit players.

Players can now enjoy Buff Sharing or Conservation, which doubles team buffs and allows players to gain stacks Conservation for killing large monsters. These Conservation can then be traded for gold.

For more information, see the detailed patch notes on this site. official website.

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