Lost Abroad Cafe allows you to start your own coffee shop while learning a new language.

Language learning game studio Lost Abroad has officially announced that their first game, Lost Abroad Café, is now in open beta. While the title is still in development early fans can test the management sim and give valuable feedback during the beta.

In Lost Abroad Café, players can look forward to opening their own coffee shop – the catch is that this cafe is in a different country, and they’ll have to master the language there not only to stay afloat but also to purchase the right tools and equipment to grow their business endeavour. They will need to learn the correct words to keep their customers happy, and it’s a unique opportunity for users to learn a foreign language in a gamified manner.

You can choose from Mexico City, Paris and Berlin as well as Seoul and Kyoto. You can also compete online with other learners by aiming for the top spot in the leaderboards.

If this sounds right up your street, and if you’ve been searching for a unique way of learning something new, the open beta is for you. Android, iOS TestFlightPC/Mac via itch.io It is currently being done in Chinese, Japanese Korean, Spanish and French.

The official release date for mobile is not yet known, but you can see the Steam Page for more information while you wait

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