Major Hardware Redesign for PlayStation 5 with Detachable Disc Drive is Supposedly in Plan for 2023

Sony quietly made numerous revisions to its hardware since the launch of the PlayStation 5 in 2020. These included reducing its weight, power consumption, and other changes. The most recent overhaul has just begun rolling out. That said, unless you actually open up the machines, most regular consumers wouldn’t notice the difference between the various PS5 revisions.

Well, according to insider Tom Henderson, who’s delivered the goods on Sony hardware in the past, a more significant revamp of the PlayStation 5 is in the works for 2023. This new PS5 is apparently codenamed the “D chassis” internally (following the A, B, and C chassis models). Per Henderson, the big difference is this model will offer a detachable Blu-ray disc drive, potentially simplifying the current situation in which Sony offers two PS5 SKUs – one with a disc drive and one without. The new PS5 will replace the older models.

It’s said the detachable disc drive will plug into a USB-C port on the back of the console and won’t “ruin the aesthetics” of the machine. The disc drive will likely come in bundles, but it will also be available for purchase separately so that players can decide whether they want it included in their setup. Beyond that, it’s unknown what other changes might be in store for the new PS5, but Henderson hints it may be slimmer and lighter than earlier models.

You should take this information with a grain, but it sounds plausible. Sony should release something better as soon as possible. The launch PS5 was not without its design problems, and the two SKU approach proved to be less than ideal. A new version of the hardware would be ideal, as it would be easier to produce, which would help Sony with their ongoing PS5 supply problems.

According to Henderson, the new PlayStation5 model will be available in September 2023. What do YOU think? Is this the new PS5? What would you expect from a hardware revision?

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