Marvel Contest of Champions updates include Spider-Man Supreme, The Spot and The Spot

Strange Marvel Contest of Champions has been awash with events. In past updates, characters like Doctor Strange and Spider-Man were added. But what about a combination of these two popular heroes.

That’s right. Marvel Contest of Champions’ latest update, Arachnophobia, introduces the insanely powerful Spider-Man Supreme and a speckled force of evil, The Spot. Spider-Man Supreme is in trouble and only the Summoner, Spider-Man and The Spot can help him.

Of course, things aren’t always what they seem with a being as powerful as Spider-Supreme, but that web can only be unravelled in Arachnophobia. Here’s a little run down of these two new characters in case you haven’t heard about them before.

Spider-Supreme’s origins are not too different from Earth-616’s Peter Parker. Instead of a radioactive spider, it’s one that comes from an ancient artefact, that caused Peter’s psyche to bind with the Spider-Verse. With the help of the Ancient One Parker was able to sharpen his skills and become Spider-Man Supreme.

The Spot, our villain, gets his name very literally. He was originally a MIT doctorate student, Jonathan Ohnn. He was using Darkforce Energy for portals. Jonathan did manage to do this, but the portal’s instability caused him to get sucked into it and out into the Spotted Dimension.

He was still unable to return, but he did so with black marks all over his body. These spots enabled him to travel through time instantly, eventually leading to him becoming The Spot, the leader in an intergalactic criminal network.

Halloween is a time for spookiness, and what better way to get that fear than with a few spiders? Spider-Supreme will be available on October 6th, while The Spot will be available starting October 18th. More information about this update can be found on the official website.

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