Marvel Snap tier List – All cards ranked in order of worst to best

Last updated onSeptember 20, 2022: Re-checked Tier List

Are you looking to find the most powerful cards in Marvel Snap We’ve got you covered. We have created an updated list. Marvel Snap tier list Here’s where we rank all the available cards, from best to worse.

Nuverse, the creators of Marvel Snap has confirmed that more than 150 cards will be available. They have released only a few cards right now, such as Ant-Man Blue Marvel Captain America Captain Marvel Deadpool, Iron Man and Iron Man. Other cards, like Black Panther Daredevil Nebula and She-Hulk have been teased but have yet to be made available. Many cards have not been revealed yet and will be added to the future.

For fans of other Marvel games we have prepared a Marvel Future Fight tier list of best characters, a Marvel Future Revolution tier list, a Contest of Champions tier list and you can play any of them until the Snap gets out.

Complete Marvel Snap tier list

We have broken down our Marvel Snap tier list in four tiers – A, B and C. Cards in S tier are the strongest. You should have them in your deck. Cards in C tier should be avoided.

In the future, more cards will be available. Balance changes will also be made. This will allow for better cards and vice-versa. But don’t worry. This post will be updated regularly to ensure that the tier list is accurate.

Original article by Sumant Mence, updated by Pocket Gamer Staff

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