Merge Fantasy Island launches a Halloween event that offers tons of new collectables and rewards.

In celebration of Halloween, Netmarble Merge Fantasy Island, a casual merge-based game (previously known under Merge Kuya Island), will now introduce content about ghosts and ghouls as well as a host of new in-game events.

First, the new Kuyas you can find. The Pumpkin Kuya can be encountered at either the Shop where you’d typically buy new Kuya, or through rewards by completing all of the in-game missions that will run during this event period.

That’s not the only pumpkin-themed collectable of course, as there’s also a new structure – the Pumpkin Tree. This spooky tree allows you to accumulate Gold resources over time, increasing your wealth and allowing for you to buy more Kuya, decorations and all the other offerings at Shop. You can also collect new decorations for 4x Land or 2x Tiles.

There are many new events and new content to look forward to. The Gem Spore Event, which will take place every weekend from October 15th through November 7th, will give players the opportunity to tap on Ghosts who will roam the lands. Gravestones will then appear, and once those are touched, you’ll either get free Coins, Lumber, or Star Candy.

The Halloween Web Event, which runs from October 13th to 11th, will reward players for completing in-game missions with Pumpkin Trees, Pumpkin Noms, and Gems. If you manage to complete every mission during the event period, you’ll achieve a total of 700 Gems, so there’s plenty of reason to grind those missions out while you can!

If you’re looking to try out all this new content and take part in those events, you can download Merge Fantasy Island for free at either of the links below! In the meantime, you can check out the official website For more information, click here

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