Millistar Raiders, an idle role-playing game where players battle to overthrow Devildom, is now available for Android and iOS

SuperPlanet just launched Millistar Raiders, an idle RPG for casual gamers. It is a casual game that allows casual gamers to enjoy cute graphics and a casual setting. This game is unique because the villages eventually become heroes.

Millistar Raiders is a game where players assume the role of a captain. He must collect 13 villages to help them grow and become heroes. Once a party is formed, the battle starts automatically. Players will need to occupy more territory in order to make more progress. The gameplay can be divided into three missions.

It all starts with 13 unique villages, which include roles such as a farmer, baker, drunkard, and many more. The battle situation dictates that a group must be formed of five people and sent to Devildom. They will be able to participate in battles and receive rewards. More can be won even if they are offline.

The second mission involves increasing statistics. Both the captain’s and the heroes’ attributes can be increased via enhancement, growth, and awakening. To enhance their development, players can raid multiple dungeons. Players can also get over 70 types of captain equipment that can be used for strengthening the village so that raids are easier.

The final mission is to find loot or collect lost items. The monsters will drop random treasures as they are defeated in automatic battles. As the players progress, each monster will leave behind new lootable objects. It is important that you keep moving forward. These riches will allow heroes to grow faster.

The conquest of Devildom is just beginning and the Pig King is looking to hire a new captain. Download Millistar Raiders now if you think you are worthy by clicking one of the links below. For a smoother start, there are many launch events.

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