Modern Warfare II Beta Feedback: Addressed By Infinity Ward

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II beta was made available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles over the weekend. Kai’s impressions can be found here. The floodgates will open on Xbox and PC consoles. Tomorrow’s second beta weekend will see PlayStation users get immediate access. Xbox and PC gamers will need an early access code (such the ones we are giving away in our raffle), to play immediately. The open beta will then begin on Saturday, September 24, and continue until Monday, September 26, for them.

Infinity Ward developers have addressed the initial Modern Warfare II beta feedback via a blog post published on their official site. While there will be some changes to footsteps sounds and target tracking, UI elements, and mini-map dots rules, they will remain the same for now. Infinity Ward also spoke about Perks.

Mini-Map Dot Rules

  • In the Modern Warfare II Beta we currently only show enemy player dots if a UAV has been activated. We don’t want to penalize players for firing their weapons. This is the design reason. We want players to actively seek out the source of a gunshot, rather than just going to the spot on the mini-map. We continue to collect feedback on how players are playing with this topic.

Target tracking

  • We’ve seen feedback that it is hard to track targets once you get into a firefight. We agree that this is a problem and are working on changes to reduce muzzle opacity and increase visibility of muzzle flash to aid in engaging someone who is firing at us. These changes should make it easier to track your enemies in combat.
  • We are also looking at other ways to visually distinguish Enemies from Friendlies, besides the standard nameplates above the heads of the opposing players. We will be trying a few changes in Weekend Two… more on that later this week.

User Interface

  • We’ve seen the feedback around difficulty editing perk packages, managing loadouts and accessing the armory. We have identified some UX issues as well as some bugs– these are things we won’t be able to adjust in time for Modern Warfare II Beta Weekend Two, but they are top of mind ahead of launch.


  • We’ve seen varied feedback on the Perk Package system. Some players love it and others feel it’s an unnecessary departure from the original system. We feel it’s a nice shake up to how perks work and to the general progression of a match. We’ve also balanced the ultimate perks to be more powerful as you earn them later in the match. We’ll continue testing throughout Beta Weekend Two, including drastically accelerating the earn rate of these to see how players react. Our goal is to improve the flow and quality of all perks prior to launch.
  • Dead Silence is another hot topic. Many players have suggested that they would prefer to see it as an upgrade to their Field Upgrades instead of as a Perk. We believe it is vital for game health that rushers cannot move at high speeds without consequences. Field Upgrade Dead Silence allows for a balance between freedom to move and predictability of combat.


  • The footstep audio in Modern Warfare II Beta week one was very high. It gave players long-distance directional information about their enemies. We have some changes for Weekend Two. We have reduced the audio range for footsteps in the various player movement modes (jog sprint, tactical sprint). This will reduce the cost to move around the map. The second change is the distinction between friendly and enemy footsteps. This will allow players to better understand the battlefield’s movements. More information will be forthcoming.


  • Positive sentiments remain about the removal of slide cancelling. We are aware of the workaround, and are examining how to deal with it for Weekend Two. We have additional slide changes available for launch that will make this move feel a lot more fluid and snappy.

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