Need for Speed Unbound – New Stylish Gameplay, Animated effects Can Be Turned off

Last week EA gave us our first taste of Criterion and Codemasters’ Need for Speed Unbound, and the response to the game’s slick new animated style was quite positive. That said, we didn’t actually get to see much in the way of in-game footage. EA has released a little more Need for Speed Unbound gameplay. It shows off some intense on-road action and customization. Below is the trailer for Need for Speed Unbound.

Looking good! There really aren’t that many good arcade racers these days, so EA may be addressing an underserved niche here. You can also choose to turn off the animated flourishes (what EA calls “tags”) at any time for a more traditional-looking Need for Speed.

Do you want to learn more? Here are Need for Speed Unbound’s key features…

“Race against the clock, outsmart cops, and compete in weekly qualifiers to reach The Grand. This is Lakeshore’s ultimate street-racing challenge. You can pack your garage with custom-tuned cars and light up the streets with your unique style and a global soundtrack that swells in every corner.

  • The World is Your Canvas Graffiti comes to life in a unique visual style that combines elements from street art and the most realistic looking cars ever made by Need for Speed. You can now access a new toolkit that includes high-energy visuals and sound effects to show your driving skills. Burst Nitrous is a new boost tactic that delivers an intense rush of speed.
  • Race to the Top You have to take risks in order to reach the top. It’s up to you to decide how and when you will put your all on the line. You can pull huge drifts, outdrive the cops or place side bets with earnings against fellow racers. Time is money, so find the fastest way to earn enough cash to enter the weekly qualifiers and make it to Lakeshore’s ultimate race, The Grand.
  • These Streets Are for You – The faster you race, the more heat you create. You make tactical decisions by using new escape methods, while the cops pile on pressure. Do you try to outrun the cops, fight them head-on, or hide in Lakeshore’s underground? Run these streets and you’ll reap the rewards.
  • Express Yourself Show off your latest looks and express your style through your ride. You can transform your car with unique cutaways and wraps, or you can take on the competition by creating win poses.

Need for Speed Unbound arrives on PC, Xbox Series X/S and PS5 December 2.

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