Next year, Yakuza Like a Dragon – Ishin is out.

Yakuza Like a Dragon – Ishin: This version is different than other versions as it is set in the past, and lets players assume the role a former swordsman.

Yakuza Ishin, a yakuza-themed game, is something gamers all over the world have been eagerly awaiting for a long time. The game was initially released on PS3 in Japan and PS4 Japan in 2014. However, it was only available in Japan. Yakuza fans waited for years to hear the good news. In 2023, the game will remastered under Yakuza Like a Dragon Ishin and will be sold around the world.

This information was announced by Ryu Ga Gotoku at Sony’s State of Play last night. The remastered Yakuza Ishin version will be called Yakuza Like a Dragon : Ishin. However, no exact date has been set. The trailer is very short and shows only a few photos of the game’s setting and gameplay.

This game is unique because it takes place in the past, as you may have noticed. Instead of placing the player in the 21st Century, the game places them in the 19th century. Kiryu, the main character, is a swordsman who fights using a katana and any other weapons he has. You will be there. The slash-and-slash screens look great when displayed with the flashy movements Yakuza fans are accustomed to.

Ryu Ga Gotoku announced after the State of Play that Yakuza Like a Dragon, Ishin will be remade on Unreal 4’s engine platform. They will share additional information with gamers at RGG. Tonight is Sumit.


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