Nintendo Switch Pro / Successor Rumored NVIDIA Tegra239 SoC Confirmed To Be Real; To Feature an 8-Core CPU

Although the successor to Nintendo Switch’s popular console has not been officially announced, it is clear that it has been in the making for quite some time. Although official information is not available, a leak could have revealed new details about the SoC that will power it.

Reddit user reports followmeinblueThe company has confirmed the existence of NVIDIA Tegra239 chips with a comment from a programmer found on the Linux Kernel Mailing Lists. The comment confirms that the chip will have an 8-core CPU.

The leak itself is not significant, but it is still noteworthy because it was confirmed by a reliable leaker. @kopite7kimiAccording to, the Nintendo Switch’s successor will use the T239 Chip, which is a modified version of the NVIDIA Orin chip. It is based upon the Ampere architecture. It features a GPU with 2.048 CUDA Cores, and a CPU that has 12x ARM Cortex–A78AE cores. According to rumors, the next console from Nintendo will also support NVIDIA DLSS technology as well as ray tracing. This is because they are both referenced by the second generation Nintendo Switch graphics API.

After the 2017 release of the base model, Nintendo released several system revisions including the Lite and OLED models. These models have a better screen and battery life than the base model. This review has more information about the model:

You can upgrade to the Nintendo Switch OLED or not. The OLED model is the best version to experience the console’s games if you’ve been holding out getting a Switch until now. It’s a fantastic screen that improves everything Nintendo wants to do with art direction and style. It feels valuable thanks to its new stand and metallic feel. But if you already own a Switch, it’s up to you whether replaying the games you own on a better screen is worth it.

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