Overwatch 2 to Nerf Genji. Sombra. D.va. and More Before Season 2

Earlier this month, we heard that Blizzard wasn’t going to be making any major balance changes to Overwatch 2 until the launch of Season 2, despite some fairly major issues following the game’s move to 5v5. Well, it seems that’s changed. Today, Blizzard announced a number of key nerfs Mid-November will see the arrival of heroes such as Genji, Sombra and D.va, Zarya and Kiriko. You can see the changes coming below.


  • Hack ability lockout duration reduced to 1.75 seconds to 1.5 seconds
  • Hacked enemies are no more valid targets for hacking during the duration of the effect
  • Reduced hack damage multiplier from 40 to 25%
  • Dev Comment: With Sombra’s rework, she gained a lot more damage to help account for the reduced ability lockout duration of Hack. This has proved too dangerous for a flanker with easy entry to the enemy backlines. Due to feedback, she can no longer channel hack on a hacked target. Feedback indicated that the reduced cooldown combined hacking from stealth was too frustrating for many players.


  • Maximum ammo decreased from 30 to 24
  • Shuriken damage decreased from 29 to 27
  • Dev Comment: Genji has greatly benefited by the move to 5v5. Changing to a single Tank and the reduction of crowd control has meant Genji has had less obstacles in his way, however he hasn’t received tuning updates since he wasn’t actively in the meta until launch (something also informed by our general preference to avoid preemptive adjustments when possible). In early beta tests, we saw that flanking Heroes like Tracer, Reaper, and Reaper were also significantly better in OW2. These changes will bring Genji in line with other flanking damage heroes.


  • Reduced barrier duration from 2.5 to 2 seconds
  • Increased barrier cooldown from 10 to 11 seconds
  • Dev Comment: Zarya was predicted to be one of the weakest solo tanks 5v5 but her high damage potential, barrier uptime and effectiveness have been extremely effective. Zarya’s vulnerability can feel very limited for opponents. This makes it difficult to deal effectively with her high damage potential. These changes will decrease the barrier uptime, making Zarya less energy-efficient and giving enemies more time to deal with her damage.


  • Fusion Cannon spread from 3.5 to 375
  • Impact damage to boosters has been reduced from 25- 15
  • Dev Comment: D.va felt too dangerous after the last round. This is despite the fact that she can be more resilient with the new Defense Matrix. Our stats and high level player feedback thought she wasn’t effective enough when compared to other tanks. So this is a partial revert in order to find some middle ground.


  • Invulnerability duration for Swift Step has been reduced from 0.04 to 0.25 seconds
  • Dev Comment

There are some interesting options for nerfs. While Genji nerfs have been a common request, players have also been complaining about new hero Sojourn, and she’s going unaddressed here. Bumps are still something characters can get from time to time, right? Right?

Activision Blizzard has faced a series of lawsuits and other legal action on the heels of a suit filed by California’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) alleging widespread gender-based discrimination and sexual harassment at the Call of Duty publisher. More details about this unfolding story are available here.

Overwatch 2 multiplayer is available for free on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. These balance changes will be available on November 15. Season 2 begins on December 6.

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