Summoners War: Chronicles review – Explore a vast open land with your companions

Summoners War: Chronicles The newest addition to the MMORPG Summoners War Verse is the world. The game follows the same storyline as the previous games. Summoners War Summoners War: Sky Arena, Summoners Lost Centuria in War of Summoners. Summoners War: Chronicles has so many amazing features that it is sure to draw every new player […]

KonoSuba’s Fantastic Days latest update adds a new playable player character, as well as limited-time events or special gacha pulls

Nexon has released a thrilling update for KonoSuba – Fantastic Days, the mobile gacha RPG that Nexon developed on Android and iOS. Players can expect to welcome a new character, Mel, in the special “Mel Joins the Battle! Lightning Girl Recruit” event from now until November 2nd. Mel, along with two new character recruits, is […]

Alchemy Star’s newest occasion Farewell, My Wonderland exhibits gamers how life blooms in a war-torn battlefield

Degree Infinite has simply introduced the launch of a brand new occasion referred to as Farewell, My Wonderland, on its cell JRPG Alchemy Stars. The occasion goes reside tomorrow September twenty second and exhibits gamers that life all the time finds a approach even within the aftermath of a damaging battle. It should run till […]

Honkai Impact 3rd’s V6.1 Moonshade Epic will be available soon. It features Li Sushang (a new character)

Hoyoverse just announced a new content update for its mobile JRPG, Honkai Impact 3. Version 6.1, formerly Moonshade Epic, will launch on October 27th. It introduces Li Sushang who is a master swordsman and was born in Shenzhou 500 year ago. Players will spend the update exploring Sushang’s story, her deeds, and her obsession with […]

Logitech G cloud is a new streaming deck-like, supports Xbox Game Pass, GeForce Now and more

Recently, we’ve seen the rise of both gaming portables and cloud gaming services, and the new Logitech G Cloud looks to combine them both. The new portable, which was created in partnership with Logitech, Tencent and Chinese mega publisher, offers a SteamDeck-like form factor but focuses exclusively on streaming, instead of running natively. As such, […]

Interview: How Blue Brain Games made The House of Da Vinci 3 one of the most outstanding entries in the puzzle adventure series

The House of Da Vinci 3 is the concluding entry in Blue Brain Games’ majestic Myst-like puzzle series where players will finally discover the fate of Giacomo – the game’s protagonist and apprentice to Leonardo Da Vinci – and unravel the mysteries surrounding his master and the secretive Ordo Iustitialis. The House of Da Vinci […]

Pixel Shrine JINJA lets users build ancient shrines in Japan using pixel art. Available now on iOS and Android

KaguraTech announced the global launch Pixel Shrine JINJA, an interactive sandbox game with a Japanese theme. The game is now available on Android and iOS. Players can unleash their creativity and create beautiful shrines using a beautiful pixel art aesthetic. Pixel Shrine JINJA allows players to create their masterpieces in a charming, pixelated world. They […]

Summoners Greed: The best teams that will make your unstoppable

1 Team 1 – Flamey-Speedy-Mighty-Teddy-Sluggy-Frostbite-Deathbite-Puffy-Infernus This team allows players to position their main DPS monster Flamey in between Speedy (or Mighty) to increase its overall damage. This trend will continue as Speedy and Mighty, due to their attack speed and damage amplification, are the best monsters to use with your main DPS monster. The second […]

PlayStation VR 2’s Latest Trailer Highlights the Headset’s Key Features

Sony revealed the latest iteration for its PlayStation VR headset a while back. We have received information about the new headset including its specs, release date, and other details. Today Sony released a trailer that showcases some features of the headset. PlayStation VR 2A closer view of the features. The trailer is available below. The […]